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Whistle Blowing

Federal Racketeering in Las Vegas

I contracted with the above lawyers to handle my employment arbitration and Fedrel Wirngfull termination Lawsuit. It turns out the have been running a federal racketeering scheme to steal from the Union and Tax payer [...]

Article Of Interest

What Happens If Your Attorney Gets Disbarred?

A helpful piece put out by to help a person deal with the possibility that their lawyer would be disbarred. What the article DOES NOT do is really explain or even attempt ot exporess [...]

Article Of Interest

Prosecutor’s Life After Meth

This is both an inspirational tale of recovery and rehabilitation - which is the purpose the author sought  - but is is also a cautionary tale that lqwyers are human with demons and seriously flawed. [...]

Bad Lawyer Experience Stories

John Adams Christiansen

I have had this lawyer for over 4 years now on a work comp case that is still not completed. I injured my back at a job in Kansas I live in Missouri the first [...]