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If you finally have had enough of dealing with a lawyer or other legal professional, but don’t know what to do — You are in the right place.  At BarComplaint.com, we know the anger, frustration and helplessness that can come with dealing with our legal system.  That’s exactly why we created this site and the resources within.  We help you take control and we give you the tools to fight back for REAL justice.

The most effective way to combat the wrong doing of a Lawyer is to make a Bar Complaint.  The Bar Association is the regulatory organization for Lawyers … The Bar, is responsible for keeping Lawyers in check, and punishing those who act outside of what is fair.  Don’t let unfair Practices and dishonest Attorneys continue to take advantage of you.  Don’t suffer in Silence — hoping something will change.

We Make It Simple and Effective …

We offer what we think is the absolute best solution for people like you — People who have the courage and right to seek justice.  Dealing with our Courts, Legal System and Private Attorneys can be scary and confusing.  This can sometimes discourage people from filing complaints or finding the hidden truth about Lawyers.  We cut through the bull, and make it simple for ordinary folks to get retribution.  Our experts know the Legal System and how to use it to YOUR advantage.  Explore our site and you’ll find out how having the experts at BarComplaint.com. can prevent bad lawyers from hiding behind the “law” and help you file an effective complaint, fire your current lawyer, sue an attorney for wrong-doing, and find good attorneys.  We also have the tools you need to investigate and report the Lawyers who have a history of mistakes and malpractice.

Arizona Attorney Anne M Williams

The ruling is due for Anne M Williams of Arizona. This complaint is on the heels of another complaint in which Anne Williams was reprimanded by the Arizona State Bar. Many predict in this case Anne M Williams may have harsh penalties against her privilege to practice law in Arizona SBN 012414 Anne  M Williams  Attorney Arizona        Attorney Anne Michael Williams                                                


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Anne Williams Sanctions



Attorney Daniel R Warner Arizona State Bar Complaint

Attorney Dan WarnerBelow is an example of a detailed bar complaint filed in Arizona against”Defamation Attorney” Daniel R Warner Kelly Warner Law Firm when he defamed his own client on his own firms blog which spread to other blogs. (Just one of many claims) The Arizona State Bar now has 2 investigators looking into the matter. The lawsuit against Dan Warner The firm and others is pending.

Attorney Dan Warner @ KellyWarnerLaw.com often brags about his good grades at Thomas L Cooley Law school and his high bar exam scores – what he does NOT mention is the “Thomas L Cooley Law School” is at Western Michigan University and is literally one of the worst rated law schools in the country. The application acceptance is 86% vs less than 10% at the top law schools. What this means is people who apply and go to Thomas L Cooley Law is because possibly denied somewhere else and it was the one school that would let them in. I just think it is an insight into his psyche with his bragging making it sound like some great achievement when in fact it is a “Stop bragging” – he gets away with it because people have never heard of the law school and really don’t care. He seemingly hides it by naming the law school and not Western Michigan University where people would being saying – Western Michigan University – what the F is that? As anything in life do your homework before making important decisions such as legal representation.


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Judge Katherine Cooper Official Complaint