Las Vegas lawyer Philip Singer disbarred Stole over $100,000 of Clients Money

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Attorney Phil Singer would never pay anyone back the money he stole. He would not attempt to have his law license reinstated. What he did do was work as a "law clerk" and/or "paralegal" for the Law Offices Of Dan Winder even though he was prohibited by the Nevada Supreme Court Disbarment Order unless approves by the NV State Bar. 


Las Vegas lawyer Philip Singer disbarred Stole over $100,000 of Clients Money

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The Nevada Supreme Court has disbarred Las Vegas lawyer Philip Singer for five years and ordered him to repay $67,334 he stole from eight clients.

The court said Singer pleaded guilty to 14 counts lodged by the State Bar of Nevada, including misappropriation, failure to communicate with clients and lack of competence and candor.

Before he can be practice law again, he must pass the Nevada Bar Examination and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. He must also have 15 hours of continuing legal education in ethics, professional conduct or law office management.

Because of the "egregiousness and frequency of Singer's misconduct," the court ordered the disbarment to take effect now rather than back to 2008, when he was suspended from practice.

Singer was accused of not distributing settlement funds and mixing his personal money with client accounts. He was also accused in 2008 of cashing retainer checks without performing any service.

The Supreme Court last year rejected a proposed settlement that would have disbarred Singer for three years. It said that was inadequate to protect the public and said it would accept a five-year disbarment.

The first complaint was filed in 2006 against Singer.

The court said Singer must notify the state Bar if he gets a job in the legal community during his disbarment. He must submit to binding arbitration with the state Bar Fee Dispute Arbitration Committee on issues totaling $32,200, and he must pay the cost of the bar's investigation.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

Supreme Court: Tougher penalties needed for Las Vegas lawyer

CARSON CITY – The Nevada Supreme Court says it wants to see tougher penalties imposed on a Las Vegas lawyer accused of mishandling close to $100,000.

The court has rejected the recommendation of the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Board that Philip Singer be disbarred for three years and repay $67,334 to eight clients. The board also said Singer must submit to binding arbitration on $32,200 in dispute.

Singer pleaded guilty to 14 counts of bar violations and admitted to 59 violations involving misappropriation of funds and failure to communicate with his clients.

He also pleaded guilty to lack of competence and diligence and lack of candor and cooperation with the State Bar.

The Supreme Court said, “We reject the conditional guilty plea agreement on grounds that the conditions imposed on Singer’s disbarment are inadequate to protect the public.”

It sent the case back to the disciplinary board saying Singer should be disbarred for five years and that he must complete 15 hours of education on ethics and pass the professional responsibility examination.

The court agreed with the other conditions of the conditional plea agreement by Singer that he must notify the bar association if he is working for an attorney to make sure there is adequate supervision and that he must pay the costs of the disciplinary proceedings.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

Nevada Suspends Lawyer Accused of Stealing from Clients

The Nevada Supreme Court has temporarily suspended a Las Vegas attorney accused of misappropriating client funds and accepting retainers without performing any services.

Philip Singer is accused of not distributing settlement funds and mixing his personal funds with client accounts.

According to the order of suspension:

Singer appears to have misappropriated funds from clients and third-party lienholders, accepted and cashed retainer checks without performing any services, and commingled client and personal funds.

The State Bar of Nevada will hold hearings on the matter in March. Singer’s attorney declined to comment on the case.

Singer handled divorce, personal injury and criminal cases. He represented Nicolas Serrano-Villagrana, the drunken driver whose pickup plowed through a bus stop in 2004, killing a 4-year-old boy.

Serrano-Villagrana was convicted in 2005 and later received a prison sentence of 12 to 40 years.

If Singer is found guilty, this would be the first case of corruption in the entire history of the city of Las Vegas.


  • Regina Boeckle • 

    I was awarded a judgement in the sum of 25,000$ for a case that Mr. Singer handled for me. I would like to know what I can do to recover the monies owed to me.

  • Anonymous • 

    This attorney let a statue of limitations run out and he owes me 27,000.00$. and im pissed.

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