Louisiana Attorney William Christopher Beary​​​​​​​: Don’t Leave The Superdome After Halftime

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The case of attorney Beary is an interesting one. He was arrested and convicted involving cocaine charges. He claimed to have no idea how the whole incident occurred as he was found by police unconscious. In dealing with the state bar disciplinary process for a criminal conviction he pled the fifth - which is his right. The issue is the board could not impose any punishment as they had no testimony in which to make a determination.

Louisiana Attorney William Christopher Beary: Don't Leave The Superdome After Halftime

An attorney departed the Superdome after halftime of a New Orleans Saints exhibition game.

The next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital believing that he was a mugging victim.

He also possessed cocaine.

He had been found injured by police and transported to Tulane Lakeside Hospital. When cocaine was found, he went from there to central lockup.

A criminal possession case resulted in diversion. 

He had invoked the 5th Amendment in the bar proceedings. Indeed, the case raises some interesting questions about the role that the Bar's lawyer counseling program plays in the disciplinary process.

A Louisiana Hearing Committee found that there was not sufficient evidence that suggested an ongoing alcohol or cocaine problem and recommends a fully-stayed suspension with continued diagnostic monitoring for two years. 

Source: Professional Legal Blog