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When an attorney demonstrates they are unethical, chances are this isn’t the first time nor will it be the last. Most prospective clients google their attorney before retaining them or sometimes during their case when they sense something may be wrong. Internet exposure is the best weapon against lawyers taking advantage of more potential victims. Most mainstream attorney review sites will not allow you to speak your mind. We are here for YOU to have resource to get your side of the story the exposure it deserves!  We pledge to NEVER censor your content.  We give you a forum to be heard.  If you feel as though you have been wronged by an attorney — this is your chance to sound a warning and prevent others being taken advantage of with another attorney getting away with it!

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Don’t let your side of the story get buried or hidden by other websites that work to protect the lawyers.  We take your complaints seriously.  Once posted, your story is accessible to everyone to be read by anyone on the Internet via search engines like Google, Bing,  Yahoo, etc.  Take control of your situation and create a record of the lawyer’s wrong-doing.  Then, whenever someone searches for the offending attorney or related cases — Bam!  Just like that, it will automatically link to your personal report. All reports will appear on this website documenting your experience in dealing with the offending attorney(s). As the search engines pick up your story it will be made easily obtained by anyone searching online for the facts about the legal practices of your attorney. Your report may be listed on search engines when consumers search, using key words relating to your Report such as the name of  the attorney(s) and/or law firm. The more detailed your report about your case – the better the odds it will appear when searched online.  This is your chance to fight back — expose the truth for all to see. 

We at are going to let the reader in on a little known secret, filing an “official” bar complaint against a licensed attorney with your State’s Bar Association will likely produce absolutely NOTHING in the way of meaningful discipline. The unfortunate reality is the premise that a State Bar is an organization made available for the benefit of the citizenry to inform and protect them from unscrupulous legal practices of member attorneys licensed to practice law in your state is a FALLACY. An illusion of deception to lull the general public into the belief that there is consequential oversight against attorneys who abuse their experience, knowledge and education of the judicial system to take advantage, defraud, harass, deceive and/or lie to their clients and/or the general public. A simple review of the hard to get but available data bears this opinion to be FACTUALLY based.

The numbers provide a stark reality check of what actually occurs when a person files a complaint with their State Bar. Of course, the raw data is NOT made readily available by the various State Bar Associations when asking simple relevant questions such as: a) how many complaints were filed in the state last year, b) how many complaints led to an official reprimand last year, c) how many attorneys had their license suspended or revoked last year due to a complaint, d) what was the average time frame required to receive an answer to a complaint, and e) what is the State Bar hiding with such non-transparency being provided to the general public. When researching for the data to such basic inquiries, the answers that are found that applies to all the states in the country, is any form of discipline to an attorney is shockingly ridiculously low – as in under 4% for reprimands and LESS THAN HALF OF 1% for a suspension or revocation. This demands the answer to how can such abysmal numbers be possible? When it comes to lawyers, is there some kind of mass hysteria that would create 96% of Bar Complaints to be false and fabricated allegations against the honest and ethical licensed attorney who are so unfairly attacked by dishonest and/or ignorant clients who just do not understand the law. OR, does it have something to do with the FACT that the State Bar is operated by lawyers (“bar counsel”), oversight is conducted by licensed attorneys, discipline authority is generally granted by the State’s Judicial branch that exclusively consist of judges who were previously practicing attorneys, and in most states, the State Bar conveys as a positive aspect of the organization structure is that no public funds are required because it is funded by the membership fees of the licensed attorneys. THE BAR IS FINANCED EXCLUSIVELY BY THE ATTORNEYS WHO MAY COME UNDER REVIEW. Does the concept of a possible conflict of interest come to mind? Is it possible the attorneys have set up this rigged self-serving self-regulating system to PROTECT THEMSELVES? To avoid at all cost a system of independent oversight from a government agency that would be empowered to actually protect the interest of the community at large fairly and with an unbiased review process? Do you think – what a concept?

The UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH is the bar complaint process is rigged against YOU. A process that is by lawyers – for lawyers – lawyer financed – lawyer governance - NOT IN YOUR INTEREST. It is the purpose of to offer an alternative to YOU, the general public who have been the victims of misconduct by an attorney. No, there is no regulatory option to discipline an attorney offered here. There is the opportunity for you to strike back in a meaningful manner with your VOICE. Exercising you First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and telling your truthful story to others in a social media outlet designed as a forum BY THE PEOPLE - FOR THE PEOPLE. You can share your truthful experience with others as a civic duty to get the word out about these “licensed” miscreants who all too often are easily able to “get away with it.” Tell your story – share your story – get your story on the Internet so the TRUTH may be known. You may not be able to see the rightful suspension of an attorney who wronged you – but you can warn others and let it be known who the unscrupulous attorneys are in your community. Hit them back where it hurts the most, in exposing TRUTHFUL knowledge of their business practices which will affect them in what they care about most of all – their pocketbook.

BARCOMPLAINT.COM is for you, the “little people” to take charge by expressing and sharing your experiences. We are an online platform designed to utilize the power of social media to get the word out. Exercise your constitutionally protected right to speak your mind – and for others to hear you. The “shady” attorneys use the judicial system to their advantage of experience and knowledge to intimidate and scare you into silence with State Bar’s discipline only offering the illusion of oversight – the Internet can be your vehicle in an open and balanced forum to strike back. Post your story today.


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