Holly Cruz,helped deadbeat/abuser Christopher Flower

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Holly Cruz is a women hater and doing everything she can to helping deadbeat/abuser dad Christopher Flower of Binghamton, New York to get custody of my son. Christopher Flower was not in my son life until 2014 when he asked for DNA test. After the test was positive he avoiding paying child support it was up to $6000,2015. Christopher Flower test positive for pot and she still try to get visitation for him with my 5-year-old in 2016. Mr. Cruz then helped Mr. Flower hiding the inheritance money and told Mr. Flower not to file modification to lower payment until the Special need trust fund was gone. Mr. Flower has mental and chronic problems that Ms. Cruz know about and never mention this in court. Flower paid $19,00 cash for car purchased in 2015 and couldn't pay child support.Judge Mark H. Young bias and would not give me family offense order of protection when my now 6-year-old son came home from unsupervised visits with Flower 2 bruises on right arm. Now Ms. Cruz helping abusive dad Flower and trying to get full custody for him and i ran out money to get a lawyer. Judge Young refused to give court appointed attorney and the Judicial committee helping Christopher Flower and judge Young to keep abusing me and my son. I am not going to be silent even thought judge young would not let me speak in court before.I wanted to help single moms and let the world know you can get justice with barcomlaint.com. Thank You! Kanya Chawan