D.A picks up case for father picking up son medication. And does not pick up a case where father is brutally assaulted

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My 4 children were unlawfully taken by CP's while in foster care I picked up my son's medication gave it to the foster parent. I lost the medication CP's didnt ask me for it they just called the police. The D.A that was representing CPS was losing the case and needed something to help them. CP'S realized they didn't have authority to press charges on me And instead the D.A picked the case up. We never lost our parental rights But They changed me with petty larceny and possession even though the medication was not on Me. With CP'S D.A playing dirty and illegally doing on going investigation on us they still lost trial. After 11 month our kids was retuned. One day I was brutally assaulted, my ribs, nose and shoulders was broken the perpetrators also pulled out a knife, thank God I wasn't stab. I was able to id 6 of the men who assaulted and rob me. We I'd the men using Facebook My wife called Geneva NY police Dept gave them the information. The police had the identity of the And no arrest was ever made. It blows my mind that they picked up the case of me picking my son's meds up which Was legal and charge me with petty larceny and possession but they didn't pick up the case of me getting brutally assaulted nearly to death. I think They didn't care and too focused on trying to help cps. I Won trial and after 11 months on August 2017 the judge told CP's, they had no case & no right to remove My children. This was with public defenders & with CP's doing on going investigations for 11 months and they still lost. I'm still going to court for the petty larceny charge, they offered me 3 year probation, I said No, then offered me 1 year probation, I said No. Now we're going to trial my public defender Alicia grasso said there's no law that fits the charges but the da Didn't want to let it go. The da Knows I have a lawsuit against the county & they want to keep an eye on me. I've called the NYS District attorney office & complain about what Been going on with me & my family with no success. I called the FBI, CIA they told Me to contact Ontario County Gov Board official which I did before I called the FBI. My family and my human rights, civil rights and freedom has been violated so many times I just don't know what to do. 98% conviction rate is because the public defenders Tell there clients there not going to win & they can go to jail for a long time & it's beat to take the plea bargain, best for who?