Attorney Stanley Goff Hired To Hide Sex Offenders Past “KENNETH R MASSINGALE”

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CA. Attorney Stanley Goff Attacks Third Party Sex Offender Database Involving Client’s Sex Crime Conviction.

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San Francisco attorney Stanley Goff’s client Kenneth Massingale was convicted of a sex crime in California. When the sex offender registry was created to track the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders, Kenneth Massingale was required to register yearly for decades. When the State of California provided the information of registered sex offenders via the Megan’s Law website for this information to be released into the public domain as a resource for the general public to access Kenneth Massingale’s sex crime criminal conviction was disseminated online for many years. However, although there was NOT a dispute that the criminal conviction did occur, allegedly the information as detailed by the Megan’s Law website did not accurately display the specific criminal codes associated to the conviction. Enter into the picture personal injury and civil rights attorney Stanley Goff.


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Kenneth R Massingale

Based on the claims alleged in a civil lawsuit filed in California by attorney Stanley Goff representing his convicted sex offender client, Kenneth Massingale has somehow suffered “enormous financial and emotional damages and have placed an indelible stain on his previously  excellent reputation.”  (remember he was a convicted sex offender and is not an "excellent reputation" by any standard) The lawsuit seeks legal remedy for damages associated with alleged claims of Libel, False Light and Public Disclosure of Private Facts. Apparently the Megan’s Law website misstated the criminal code of Massingale’s conviction as 288(a) and 288(b) which are specific to a sex crime involving a minor under 14 years old. Massingale’s sex crime conviction did not (allegedly) involve a minor, but rather an adult female. In 2012, a Public Defender representing Massingale notified the Sex Offender Tracking Program which garnered a correction to the codes listed on the website. According to the lawsuit this error is the cause for “enormous” negative consequences justifying the lawsuit filed by attorney Stanley Goff.

So the State of California made an error in the posting the specific criminal code number to the sex crime conviction of Kenneth Massingale. The government department in charge operating the website acknowledged an error and agreed to change the information being disseminated into the public domain. So did attorney Stanley Goff take on Kenneth Massingale as a client to sue the State of California? NOPE! Instead they ignore the source of the information and responsible party for the error began to file the lawsuit against a private website that REPUBLISHES public records released into the public domain by government agencies. Sure – legal experts claim that makes absolutely no sense.

It appears that as a personal injury attorney the legal strategy is to seek damages against a private party utilizing the judicial system as a hammer. The idea being to collect money for the mistakes of the big bad FORMIDABLE legal opponent the State of California represents to get a quick settlement against a perceived softer target. The problem with these types of legal bully tactics is there are laws against such tactics known as a SLAPP. A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening then with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Fortunately there are some safeguards, the best defense being Anti-SLAPP legislation enacted by states sensitive to these types of legal shenanigans. The Anti-SLAPP statutes are meant to protect against these attacks on private citizens and/or enterprises from allowing the complexity and COST of the legal system to force compliance which is a direct assault on the protections afforded by the 1st amendment to have the right to freedom of speech. We will be monitoring this new case closely and will provide updates on the case as developments are reported.

STAFF RESEARCH: unusual circumstances have been uncovered while doing some basic due diligence research concerning the criminal history of Kenneth Massingale that brings into question why the named parties of the lawsuit were targeted. It is not known why the lawsuit would only be concerned with one particular website when not only is the same information provided by many other private online sources such unnamed in lawsuit website National Predator Database[1]. This issue becomes even more perplexing when additional private websites sources online provide the criminal conviction history of Kenneth Massingale which list the criminal code AND specifically cite the sex crime conviction to have involved a CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 14 such as Arrest Facts[2] and Mug Shots[3]. Plus, background search website Instant Checkmate[4] also has the information referencing the victim as a child under 14 years old. Strange.



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 We will keep you up to date on the details of the case as they become available.

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