Attorney Judith R Foreman aiding in criminal acts

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In my opinion:
The degree of her promotion of illegal guidance to her client is over the top. Theft, extortion, you name it!
Primary complaint here to the board is how she is definitely taking advantage of her own client who has Asbergers Syndrome. A version of Autism. This gentleman has been corrupted into preforming a large amount of crimes under her direction. Get this, she has managed to charge and get paid by him approximately 3 million dollars. Yes, RHREE MILLION US DOLLARS to date.* ie: using his mental illness as her own money tree,
She has managed to keep a divorce settlement ongoing for over many years. This gentleman needs a lawyer who can stop her from taking anymore advantage of him.
She has directed him on manners of hiding money and assets in order to NOT pay CHILD SUPPORT nor spousal support. While it is obvious her client has plenty of money. (See above, fees she’s collected from him.
There are way more outrageous excuses she uses to cover her own mistakes leading him to believe they need to push on and charge him more. The marriage was dissolved two years ago and she continues to lead her client with ideas aka loopholes on how to cause much duress to his ex and their children.
The cruelty this woman possesses to opposing council and client is unending but mostly UNETHICAL. My main concern is this gentleman’s best interest. This woman is about to have her client preform even more inexcusable acts which may lead him into illegal and criminal actions which she will blame on him and take zero credit for her guidance to do so.
Who does one refer this type of abuse of a mentally handicapped individual to??