Thomas Michaelides TCM Law Group

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Las Vegas TCM Law Group, Thomas Michaelides , a true fraud, as he took money and never performed the work, and is at best shady. Thomas Michaelides was suspended for allowing his paralegal doing legal work. The paralegal, Matthew Katz , was arrested for Unauthorized Practice of Law, 205.390 - Obtaining Signature by False Pretense, 205.0832 - Theft by False Pretense Over $3500 by Nye County Sheriff. Photo of Matthew Katz, who has a law degree, is attached to this post since no photo of Thomas Michelides is not available. Thomas Michaelides, and his other paralegal Natasha Smith were made aware of Matthew Katz' illegal conduct but ignored it. Further, Thomas Michaelides has refused to provide the client file to the client, and failed to do so for over a year per documented letters. This firm is about pure fraud as it took money, and did not perform services (I akin this as paying for a car online, but a car never shows up in your driveway!).

Thomas Michaelides , Las Vegas, has a history of scamming clients. Do not fall victim to his law practice, or the Island of Legal Misfits his law practice is known for.