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In Spring 2017, Scott McMillan San Diego attorney appeared for oral argument before the 9th Circuit. San Diego attorney Scott McMillan was interrupted several times and admitted to the judges about the huge flaws in his case. At the end of oral argument, the senior appellate judge
called the lawsuit filed by Scott McMillan San Diego Attorney, a "Silly" lawsuit that lacked merit principle. The one minute video clip of the judges comments can be found in this video clip, Of course, Scott McMillan_La_Mesa_attorney lost that case has had almost 100 times before. Scott McMillan La Mesa, had complained in the above case that federal agents intimidated him, and stole property. I have not heard any such comments the agents were arrested.

People who often file meritless cases are often called vexatious litigants. Scott McMillan, La Mesa, was labeled by defense counsel as a vexatious litigant in McMillan v. Weathersby (9th Cir. 2002) 31 F.App'x 371, 374, complained about his loss, and being called a “None of the three main episodes that McMillan offers supports granting a mistrial. McMillan first asserts that defense counsel violated the court's in limine ruling barring reference to McMillan as a "vexatious litigant" by referring to McMillan's other lawsuits in his opening statement.” McMillan LOST that case. But in the eyes of Scott McMillan San Diego Attorney, losing the two cases before the 9th Circuit, it would probably be labeled as win!!

In a different motion, Fry’s Electronics was sued for by Scott McMilla La Mesa. The defense attorneys filed a motion again mentioning vexatious conduct. “Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Stay to Prohibit Conflicting and Vexatious Litigation Based on Changed Facts or Alternatively." Motion for Reconsideration of November 22, 2002 Order Denying Motion for Preliminary Injunction and grant judgment on the pleadings in favor of Fry's” (Lytwyn v. Fry's Electronics, Inc. [protected] Cal.App.4th 1455, 1464 [25 Cal.Rptr.3d 791].)

I mention the above since Scott McMillan La Mesa attorney, does not have a winning track record or the court records would show many more wins.

• Plikaytis v. Fairmont, L.P. et al. Case Number D066876 (lost appeal)
• McMillan Law Group, Inc. et al. v. The Superior Court of San Diego County/Yelp, Inc.D067610
37-2014-00004953-CU-BT-CTL (case where law firm was sued by Yelp! for posting its OWN REVIEWS – lost writ petition)
• Kelegian v. Anders et al., Case Number D067328 (Transfer/certification denied)
• Williams v. Digius et al. Case No. D064183 (opposed defendant’s appeal and lost)
• Oceans Eleven Casino v. Anders, Case Number S219395 (lost California Supreme Court case)
• Bridgeman v. Allen et al., Case Number D062183 (lost appeal AND McMillan’s client forced to pay costs of respondent)
• Morton v. Spotts, Case Number D058640 (McMillan lost appeal – his client lost at trial and found liable for $15, 000)
• Williams v. Nordstrom, Inc., SD Sup Ct. 37-2014-00007604-CU-CR-CTL, Plaintiff and his counsel, were sanctioned nearly $16, 000 for discovery abuse; case on appeal, see Case Number D069051
• Williams v. The Superior Court of San Diego County/Nordstrom, Inc., D068765, 37-2014-00007604-CU-CR-CTL (writ denied)
• McMillan Law Group, Inc. et al. v. The Superior Court of San Diego County/Yelp, Inc. 37-2014-00004953-CU-BT-CTL, D067610 (writ denied) [law firm posted its OWN reviews]