Jeanette Frankenberg Ripped me off BEWARE!!!!

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Jeanette Frankenberg from Stern, Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC represent Atlantic Pacific Mortgage 1 Corporate Drive Suite 360 Lake Zurich IL 60047 in a foreclosure issue. She refused to see documentations that I paid Dovenmuehle Mortgage $12,915, which was placed in a dead account, before the foreclosure was filed. She refused to communicate with me even though Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corporation/Dovenmuehle Mortgage INC, servicer (purchase the mortgage without registering it since I never signed any documentations and it was transferred on 4/16/2014 by BSI Financial Services 314 S. Franklin Street Titusville PA 16354). The contract I signed was 1/6/2003. I was forced to find an attorney. It seemed that there both attorneys were working together against me so I would lose my home or do a loan modification which I initially refused in October 2015 because of the terms and condition. In May 2016 fees to reinstate the mortgage set by Jessica Berry was $3,383.50. These are contents of the letter mailed to Jessica Berry who refuse to respond to me or the attorney:
I am writing you in reference to the above account. I am exercising my right to reinstate the loan which in a letter dated 9/26/14 page 3 of 5 #11. The attorney fees is not reasonable and does not provide a detail as to what is included in the cost. There is a demand for the sum of $18,329.40 to cure the default in a letter dated 6/16/16.
According to the letter, this included $14,933.97 for total periodic payments from 8/1/14; Late Charges of $318.33
Property Inspections:$194.00; Attorney's Fees and Costs of $3,383.50; Suspense Amount Available $500.00

Attached you will find proof of payments that were not credited to my account which was cashed by Atlantic Pacific Mortgage from Wellsfargo Bank and verify by Atlantic Pacific Mortgage by Adam Kaplan.
Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corporation, PO Box 371306, Pittsburg PA 15250-7306
1. 7/27/15- $628.99
2. 8/24/15- $628.99
3. 9/23/15- $628.99
4. 10/21/15-$9,69246
5. 10/28/15-$628.99
6. 11/10/15-$628.99

Please explain to me what is the $500 in suspense amount for? Atlantic Pacific Mortgage does not pay my insurance or taxes on the property.

When I went to her office on 4/7/2017 to personally hand her the reinstatement check after getting the run-a-round since November 2015, Jeanette Frankenberg reluctantly took the money, after wasting my day causing lost wages, even though the reinstatement stated it must go to her office. She charged me $10,349.59 for attorney fees to reinstate the mortgage. After much demand and threat of lawsuit thru my attorney, Jeanette Frankenberg sent a reinstatement on 3/30/2017 with payment due by 4/7/2017 in hopes that I would not be able to pay so that they could take away my house. As I sat in her office, I saw an older couple losing their home to a young couple. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!