Attorney Stephen Kaufman is not the voice of the real victims of DV

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Mr Stephan J Kaufman is not a honest man you look at the web sight and if you are a true victim of Domestic Violence he will do ex parte you wont known about it on his web sight here he saids this Steve is passionate about custody issues, and takes great care to insure all children, including those with special needs, are cared and provided for. Steve is also passionate about helping those who are victims of domestic violence find a safe environment during divorce proceedings. Steve is very proud of the work he has done helping domestic violence litigants reclaim their lives and the lives of their children. He is recognized for consistently caring for his clients and ensuring that they are able to reconstitute their lives he goes on saying this Steve’s charitable activities include volunteering as a legal consultant to Human Options Women’s Shelter, Human options are for the victims of Domestic Violence but he does not speak for victims domestic violence or for me or my children. I am a victim of domestic violence my husband was arrest in return he made up a story to good be true MR. Kaufman does not do his research on his cases before taking it and or contacting child welfare if they are involved to make sure his clients are telling the truth about abuse he goes by his client word don't need pics and his Client has a history of gas lighting and as I look back he would get me upset then said afterwords thank you I had to do it for the children. Now I know why he had plans to destroy me because he was arrest his client is well educated I married for love his client show his true colors and him self in a deceleration by putting me down by belittle me as human being that is emotional abuse taring down and how I was raised to my learning. His client got his residency and citizenship through me and had children if this matters then why did he married me I feel used up like he said to me before no one will ever love you you are all used up to the threats his client would do when my oldest daughter would physical attack me I learn from Kaufman calling the police is wrong like my husband told me calling the police was wrong because he threatened divorce. This DV restraining has destroyed my children and my life. Mr. Kaufman ignore the witness and their facts that they share with him unfortunate he ignore the Judge when they saids where the evidence or you haven't shown me any evidence to give a restraining order. In fact the my attorney give in not doing her job she was supposed to do by showing off my evidence my prove I am not guilty instead she plead and agree with Kaufman about having a restraining order against me for what ??? His client continues to bully my children and on the phone conversions to the faults allegations. I am so sick of this law how it destroys the real victim and their children lives, I don't care if someone is educated or not or has money or not its about the truth and he continues to lie and he has no prove and he is a good writer as declaration. This law is the abuser paradise power and control and they get out paying child support and alimony and they don't need prove if they have Kaufman the sick part Kaufman wants to keep me out of my children life I am still trying to figure out what I done so awful and wrong I can now say staying in marriage a guy treated me like trash if his family can treat me so unkind and I would confront my husband and he would have explosive temper I would take off he would through things and break things push me and shove me into the bathroom or bedroom or closets to the push backwards down the stairs to the job he finally let me get then he sabotage he told me I can finally work and I was so happy he nagged me if I done background check for the job I got that is when he did his emergency ex parte I didn't know until I was served divorce papers and restraining order on the day I called him and I told him I got the job and told him my work schedule he sabotage me and wrongful accused me and took my children from me with the help of Stephen J Kaufman my poor children and my baby girl.
The lies continue and Stephen Kaufman stand by his client who destroyed our family even though I was trying to get into shelters they were all full and I pray and I thought God was telling me to stay and things will get better I wanted a divorce my husband told me give him time and in return I get this. We where in counseling I was and I am a biggest supporter of counseling he wasn't that is why he sabotage marriage counseling and then in the end family counseling by doing this DV restraining Order. He also sabotage counseling I had with my oldest daughter I was looking forward Wednesday going to counseling with her we were making some progressive but my husband and his attorney Sabotage it by a restraining order it didn't need especially my kids where never in danger and my husband who drinks at his office and stayed late he didn't value our family or our marriage or our children he was to busy thinking about himself not what is best for all of us in return him and his attorney has destroyed my children lives and mylife from the real victim of domestic Violence and the real victim of the DV restraining order destroyed mylife and my children I feel this law need to change and also when someone accused someone of doing a crime to get a DV restraining order their need to be consequences to file against the person who is abusing the law to gain power to hurt the victim and the children.