Beware Attorney Erinn Brown if you need child custody modified

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After nearly 2 months, she has provided no detailed billing on retainer. Erinn Brown did not communicate with me or the mediator prior to our mediation date. This lawyer communicated only during our single consultation session, stated in person that we had a case, and was never heard from thereafter.
During our consultation, Erinn handwrote a note indicating that she fraternized with the judge presiding in the 311th district court of Texas based on a whistle blower's article titled "The Mongoose." As it turned out, she volunteered information that explicitly informed us of poor relations between the judge in the Harris County 311th court and the defendant's lawyer from the Enos Law Firm (my ex-husband's law firm).
I am awaiting a detailed billing statement and a copy of the final mediation order, which she relayed through her assistant was the best legal outcome for a custody modification suit over my 4 year old with autism. She expressed we had no case during mediation and it was done through her legal assistant, Hailey Henderson, after securing her retainer of $3000.
Erinn Brown emailed me the following after consistently cancelling teleconferences on the same day, ignoring our request to assist with rescheduling mediation when she was provided with over 1 week of notice, and denying me counsel from 12/20/17 (when the case began) up to our mediation date on 2/7/17:
I apologize if this sounds harsh. However; it’s my job to ensure you have the full picture of what is going on in your case. First of all, mediation in your case is required. Non-negotiable. Done.

We scheduled this mediation weeks ago, and were able to select a mediator of my choosing, which is a good thing. I do know that Todd called last week and expressed a concern about finances. As we told you guys when we set this up, the mediation fee has nothing to do with us, and is between you and the mediator.

Cancelling mediation LESS than 24 hours before the mediation will almost CERTAINLY result in a cancellation fee and/or a Motion for Sanctions by the other side. I’m not sure what to tell you guys. You came to me to fix some of the issues surrounding your prior order, which is what I am trying to do for you. However; you have to participate fully in the process in order for me to do my job. All of this back and forth is going to cause you to incur additional and unnecessary fees with my office, as this is causing Camaryn and I to have to do additional work.

If you do not intend to be present at mediation tomorrow, I respectfully request that you let me know immediately so that I can let the other side and the mediator know. I can not promise you there were be no additional fees required of you due to the late notice.

Finally; it is my understanding from speaking with Camaryn, that you intended to bring Coltrane to the mediation. While I understand that he is essentially non-verbal and doesn’t understand what is going on, this is wholly inappropriate. Children have no place at the mediation or Court proceedings.

While I realize that Todd would love to be present, only your presence is required. If child care is an issue, Todd can stay home with Coltrane and we an always telephone him, if necessary.

Kindy let me know how you guys wish to proceed.