Robert Anglen Arizona Republic Still A Hack Writer Critics Say.

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Robert Anglen Still Champions For Pedophiles and Sex Offenders. Still Employed By The Arizona Republic; Still A Hack Writer.

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The Gannett Co. owned Arizona Republic newspaper must be doing very poorly financially. Instead of paying good quality journalists, they still employ Robert Anglen. Essentially, Anglen is a low quality carpetbagger and hack writer of dark fiction fantasy under the guise of being a journalist as his day job (see "Growing Back" by Anglen if interested in evaluating his writing skills).

Anglen does not subscribe to the major tenants of journalism: objective research, accuracy and truthfulness. He rarely provides new or fresh reporting in his stories as he usually merely piggybacks off the existing work of others.

Anglen wrote an 11 article series published by the Gannett Co. media properties of Arizona Republic, USA Today, and (previously owned) Phoenix Channel 12 News reports by Mark Curtis written by Anglen. They were all nothing short of a journalism hit job against Charles Rodrick and his associates. The Anglen articles had predetermined a purported villain and identified so-called victims before he even started investigating the Rodrick et al. story.

Rodrick is an Internet entrepreneur who developed several websites. The Anglen articles identified several that focus on public records associated with convicted sex offenders, such as These websites publish the names and criminal history profiles of convicted sex offenders obtained from public records. They provide the criminal conviction details of child molesters, child rapist, child pornographers, rapist and sexual assaults of all manner of individuals that are found to reside in any given neighborhood throughout the U.S. Many folks, especially those with children, very much appreciate this information made available online for review free of charge. Robert Anglen and Gannett Co. did not appreciate the value of such public records being made easily retrievable online by a private Internet entrepreneur.

Not surprisingly, the pedophiles/sex offenders also did not appreciate Rodrick's whistle-blowing efforts. They had a strong motivation to shut down Rodrick’s websites.

Anglen pre-set a narrative for his writings that would align himself and Gannett Co. with the disgruntled convicted sex offenders. He was most sensitive to the plight of pedophile sex offenders.

A curious choice for Anglen to actively attempt to interfere and/or influence ongoing court cases to champion convicted child rapists/sex offenders. He attempted to sway public opinion against Rodrick in civil lawsuits being adjudicated against him by the angry convicted pedophile/sex offender plaintiffs.

Also very curious is why Gannett Co. owned Arizona Republic, continues to employ Anglen as the numerous outright lies, shoddy research and blatant misrepresentations were reported with support documentation to evidence the obvious bias of the articles.

The Anglen articles premise being that factual criminal histories made available to the public online constituted cyber-harassment amounting to “defamation” of these child molesters, rapist, pornographers, sexual assault et al. living anonymously in our neighborhoods.

The ironic part of this story is the UNREPORTED outcome of all lawsuit claims by convicted sex offenders brought against Rodrick across several jurisdictions (sued in 5 states) would be dismissed by both Federal and State Superior/District courts based on the legal defense guaranteed by the constitutionally protected First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech.

Yes, that is correct, Gannett Co. media properties would publish and Mark Curtis of Phoenix Channel 12 News would report the stories of Anglen who apparently never bothered to educate himself on First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech. Certainly not the obvious legal ramification associated with Rodrick’s websites. This Gannett Co. "investigative reporter" doesn't even understand the First Amendment.

How did this story happen? That is the $64 question: how could Gannett Co. agree to publish these biased and despicable articles? And how did Mark Curtis, a Phoenix News Channel 12 anchor, sully his own name and professional reputation in reporting this false story without basic journalism editorial oversight?

Along with the convicted child molesters/sex offenders that Anglen depended on as sources, he also relied heavily on the allegations of Major David Michael Ellis. The self-proclaimed “General" of the sex offender army of the California based Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws. Ellis would post on the sex offender website that Rodrick was an Internet “terrorist” and “extortionist” who was “going to prison” (July, 2016). If such proclamations on the zealot sex offender website were not enough of an issue to question the credibility of Ellis, a simple review of the publicly available transcripts of sworn testimony irrefutably establishes Ellis repeatedly committed perjury Anglen willfully ignored to advance his biased articles.

Another source that Anglen uses is Rodrick's former attorney, Daniel R. Warner of Kelly/Warner Law, who would testify against Rodrick in Federal court. One of Anglen’s articles would note the damaging nature of having one’s own previous attorney testifying against you, especially considering the dictates of the attorney client privilege. The problem with the testimony of attorney Warner was the history of animosity that existed between Rodrick and Warner. A history that had been detailed extensively in a complaint filed by Rodrick with the State Bar of Arizona long before the trial. Although details were provided to Anglen, these facts went unreported in the specific article that was published across the Gannett media universe, including the USA Today.

The relevant update concerning attorney Daniel Warner is that after a 16 month investigation, the State Bar of Arizona presented their findings before the Attorney Discipline Probable Cause Committee of the Supreme Court of Arizona. The case documents allegations of a conspiracy that details a vast number of serious charges including, but not limited to, fraudulent lawsuits consisting of “fake” defendants, “fake” plaintiffs, forged notary seals to advance fabricated claims undermine the integrity of the judicial system by obtaining court Orders based on willful lies.

The complaint which garnered national attention was filed by renowned UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh who also published his findings with the Washington Post. After reviewing thousands of pages of evidence, the committee voted unanimously 8 – 0 to issue the Probable Cause Order. One of the fraudulent cases cited by Professor Volokh that is included in the State Bar of Arizona’s investigation is a Warner lawsuit filed in Maryland that involves Rodrick. A fraudulent lawsuit that existed at the time of his trial testimony. The next step in this matter for attorney Daniel Warner will be to stand trial answering the official Complaint which will be heard before the Arizona Supreme Court to determine if he will receive permanent disbarment.

The Daniel Warner case has even attracted the attention of both the FBI and Attorney General’s Offices in at least 5 states investigating possible criminal charges. Has Anglen or any of the Gannett Co. media properties reported on this scandalous development concerning Warner’s credibility or even the fraudulence with broader national implications of the U.S. Judicial System? Nothing – crickets on anything that might discredit the biased reporting of Anglen.

It has been well over a year since the last of Anglen’s articles disparaging Rodrick and his websites. Where are the articles about multiple court victories realized by Rodrick? Legal victories protecting the right to share factual information concerning convicted child molesters, rapist, pornographers, sexual assault et al. that may live in YOUR neighborhood. Amazingly Anglen, via his Gannett Co. employer, believed convicted sex offenders were the “victims” of online “defamation.” The precept of First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech apparently is damned. The hypocrisy of a major media company taking such a stance is reprehensible.

Yes, Robert Anglen has no journalistic ethics or integrity, but what is the excuse of editors for Gannett Co. and/or News Channel 12 anchor Mark Curtis for their complicity? Where was editorial oversight to fact check before allowing such an unprofessional and biased series of articles to be published/reported on the front-end and factual discrepancies ignored with no corrections or retractions on the back-end? Where are the journalistic ethics and/or integrity? Is it truly the position of Gannett Co., Phoenix Channel 12 News and their anchor Mark Curtis to support the premise of convicted sex offenders being “victims?” This depiction of events is nothing short of “fake news” supported by “alternative facts” to disparage a targeted individual with a predetermined biased narrative by a so-called journalist.

As for Anglen, one cannot help but speculate the hidden motivations in authoring the articles championing convicted sex offenders as “victims.” He is a lost cause; he should stick to writing his dark and disturbing fiction, which would at least be intellectually honest in being presented as (bad) fantasy. Which may well be the case, Phoenix Channel 12 News had the good sense to disassociate completely with Anglen and Gannett Co. has pulled back on his writing duties. Even at one point being listed reassigned to subscription sales (a death sentence for “reporters”). Good riddance.

Source Public Journalism Watchdog