Old Dog – Won’t Learn New Tricks: Phoenix Attorney Timothy Forshey Repeats History of Repugnant Conduct Toward Others.

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Some very important points for consideration when choosing a lawyer to professionally represent you in any legal matters. 

Old Dog – Won’t Learn New Tricks: Phoenix Attorney Timothy Forshey Repeats History of Repugnant Conduct Toward Others.

     IMORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: never make the mistake of not doing proper due diligence when hiring a lawyer. This brings us to Phoenix attorney Timothy Forshey, a multiple repeat offender in receiving complaints of ethical violations for a wide range of offenses as both a lawyer and a judge.

     As an obvious reminder, but often forgotten, it is a very important for clients of attorneys to NEVER forget who works for whom. Many lawyers like Forshey make it a practice to fool their clients into believing your case is THEIR case and about being solely based on THEIR legal acumen. It is not. The lawyer’s job is to be YOUR legal advocate and the case should ALWAYS be about YOU. The true role of a quality attorney is to provide their legal expertise as the hired help with your interest first and foremost. Unfortunately, a large majority of attorneys have over inflated egos that demand constant reinforcement which can supersede adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct that all lawyers must abide. Forshey is a multiple repeat offender in not providing legal representation to the dictates of the required standard established by the State Bar of Arizona. In particular, his reputation of a professional decorum of rude, abusive and not competent business practices has been alleged in numerous circumstances.    

     Apparently being disciplined while serving as a Pro Tem Judge involving two separate incidences was not enough of a wakeup call for attorney Forshey to heed the ethical dictates to practice law in Arizona. Forshey had also been cited by the State Bar of Arizona for ethical violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct that all licensed attorneys must adhere. The result of multiple complaints filed with the State Bar of Arizona resulted in Arizona Supreme Court Case No. SB-07-0080-D to rule disciplinary action was warranted in four of five counts in late 2016. Forshey would no longer serve a Pro Tem Judge. Forshey also has a long history of disciplinary reviews and in multiple states. In 2008, Forshey was censured in State Bar of Illinois. He is now listed as “Voluntary Inactive” to practice in Illinois. He is also listed as “Inactive” by the State Bar of Colorado.  The latest update is reporting that new complaints for ethical violations are forth coming in Arizona and once again originate from the same type of misconduct Forshey has been repeatedly cited in the past.

     Forshey has the well earned reputation of engaging in what can only be characterized as bully behavior. This particular proclivity was well documented in the complaint ruled on by the Commission on Judicial Conduct when he was a judge. In their decision it is documented how then Judge Forshey “exhibited a dismissive demeanor toward the father and made comments that could reasonably be interpreted as disparaging of persons with disabilities.  He also appeared to have prejudged the case by making a blanket statement about the lack of credibility of the minor child. Pro Tem Judge Forshey has been previously publicly reprimanded for improper demeanor (Case No. 16-011)….” This was arguably indicative of the short and dubious judicial career of Forshey while serving on the bench; one can only imagine how he must behave as an attorney with clients.

     Actually it does not require your imagination, it has been alleged by former clients the demeanor of Forshey when attempting to address their legal representation one-on-one is reprehensible. It is reported he will almost immediately engage in classic bully behavior of incessant interruptions, ranting, demeaning the knowledge and perspective of the client, offering unintelligible legal speculation without even reviewing the facts associated with the case and openly be hostile to the point of blatant intimidation tactics. To add injury to the already insults of being subjected to attorney Forshey demeanor is his propensity of excessive billing practices. Is has been reported that once the retainer fee has been collected the first course of action in the legal counsel provided by attorney Forshey is to push for an immediate settlement irrespective of legal considerations. The point being this limits the time commitment required to litigate the matter which can be time intensive. When the client expressed their apprehension in an immediate “settlement,” Forshey will produce an “ALA FORM” – against lawyer advice as a form of intimidation to get the client to acquiesce to what is not in their best interest.

     BUYER BEWARE ALERT: dealing with legal issues that require court filings and appearances can be very alarming so it is natural for anyone to look for professional legal representation from a lawyer. However, in some cases that only makes a bad situation worse. YOU must be aware that there are attorneys like Forshey who are licensed to practice law but may have a very long and disturbing history of ethical violations and conduct in their demeanor in dealing with their clients that is offensive and counter-productive to YOUR legal interest. To exacerbate such a nightmare is you are paying excessive fees for such a potential experience. Do YOURSELF a favor and perform the due diligence on ANY attorney you are considering hiring.

Source: RipOffReport.com