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  • guest_5046 : Utah law what a joke. Attorneys Another joke. Not a damn thing you can do about it. Crooked to the core.
  • guest_4471 : Hey guest_9826 so what is your name? LOL
  • guest_9826 : Guest4290. Be careful... If you'd like to elaborate I recommend you do it with a name, rather than hide behind a number.
  • guest_2081 : I heard he’s actually Saddam Hussein in disguise 🤪
  • guest_9917 : Shit canbthe lazy bastard
  • guest_1668 : You were lucky Robert.
  • Robert Herman : Bret is my friend and my attorney for many years now and has always showed up any time I needed him. so i think your claim is false
  • guest_3458 : Stay the fuck away in Jesus name offenders
  • guest_4347 : funny how this comes out just as the bundytrial is underway.sounds like another setup.brett whipple is doing a wonderful job in court right now.
  • guest_504 : If anyone no jauns whereabouts can you please tell him that I will become looking for him I will pass by his mom and dad house I also up there by his brother's house is being a mother house and his kids school we will find them so for his best bet somebody please tell this man get in contact with me.because for what he owe me we have to see each other
  • guest_4290 : Joe Romley is a scumbag attorney. He took my money and then never returned calls
  • guest_7574 : brett whipple,s paralegal " tatum " is fair and honest in my experience Robert saccavino
  • Admin : Mr Bret Whipple's office contacted this website today and tried to offer money to remove the factual information against him. He was denied as this website will never accept funds for a removal of information.
  • guest_9703 : Nipple nipple
  • guest_7367 : It is Bret Whipple
  • guest_8108 : How do I file a complaints against Brent Whipple to the bar
  • guest_6032 : Thank you guest 9946. When the Cal State Bar atty approves this practice of law, and then 3 yrs later, reverses his decision and tells you to pay back everybody or else.. (these complainers are still in their homes fyi),... don't you think that's a bit ridiculous and unfair on the Bar's decision? The Bar has some real problems. SB atty needs to be dismissed in my opinion, waffling like he did to this ethical firm, and not admitting his wrong...smh
  • guest_7436 : He was in prison, raped a little firl ans he's a lawyer? Am i missing sonething?
  • guest_2184 : And what would your name be?
  • guest_9946 : Funny how someone will blast a person without knowing all of the facts. This is a fabrication and an ethical man is being destroyed under false pretenses. Do your homework before you destroy a good and moral mans life. Or have the courage to speak using your own name.
  • guest_8326 : What's with the Wesley Snipes Wanted Poster? It's in poor taste and you should remove it! He's not in jail anymore and thisvisntvabout him, it's about this Criminal Lawyer😡
  • guest_7259 : It is about time these criminals are exposed. Nice Job!!
  • guest_2674 : Why did it take so long?
  • 415taxi : what does and the toll roads have in common? they both take advantage of you.
  • guest_7228 : Word around town is this guy, Mr. Shubov, taking advantage of little girls and his company LegalMatch are to be avoided at all costs. Not a moral fiber in his body and his company is corrupt, selling a service that doesn't work.
  • guest_7473 : All I see on Facebook is bad stuff about lawyers and judges. I bet there is more corrupt lawyers and judges in this country,,than drug dealers and thieves.
  • guest_4256 : Its the JUST THIS SYSTEM.
  • guest_4256 : The second a lawyer graduates law school, they should be loaded on a bus, and taken right to JAIL.
  • guest_4256 : Its getting to the point that there is no sense in going to court for anything,,,its ALL B/S.The lawyers and judges are going to ruin this country. Its coming to where people will just take matters into their own hands.
  • guest_4256 : They are ALL a bunch of S/BAG THIEVES AND LIARS.
  • guest_4597 : Theives
  • guest_6767 : pervert
  • guest_3003 : WOW! just came across this. I know someone who worked for that legal match company last year and they said he and the other person that run this company are the worst. pretty much selling a product that doesn't work for an alarming # of lawyers.
  • guest_8077 : the company LegalTRAP (aka legalmatch) make money three fold, 1. sue the atty who dont want thier sh*t leads because they are locked in some BS contract and would do any just to get out of it. 2. Take the same sh*t lead subscription and sell it to another desperate Atty (i.e. Fresh Grad from Law school who would do anything for that one awesome case) 3. Do a commission Charge back the Sales person who sold the the previous atty who wanted out.
  • guest_8077 : The company is crap.
  • guest_8077 : Also this guy Is so in love with himself.
  • guest_8077 : All those Talking good about him on this Post are either Employees that were pressured to write awesome things about him or Interns that he gave a lot of empty promises to.
  • guest_7832 : I notice people think we all are talking about two different people here, but this slimeball is guilty of both sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl AND had previously served prison time for stealing/deleting information from another company.
  • guest_8441 :
  • guest_8444 : I think guest_7332 is this rapist named Dmitry! So defensive. Deport this felon! Why is this not major news?
  • guest_5887 : What a schmuck
  • guest_831 : Definite pattern here. There are just too many lawyers.
  • guest_7332 : You people are stupid. gets your facts straight. He did not serve 4 1/2 years in prison, actually less than the minimum of 1 1/2 years. You should immediately take this down!!!!
  • guest_2973 : He should be held accountable for not just the one account of sexual misconduct, but every account that is on record. Not sure why the perpetrator is not being held fully accountable. Inappropriate boundaries were crossed and there is an obvious use and display of him using his power for his own personal gain (in this instance, to get his sexual needs met). As we know from our current state of affairs, these perpetrators don't strike only once.
  • guest_1632 : So glad justice was served
  • guest_3132 : Great story though. Thompson lost his home,wife,family,money,friends,status,and reputation. Karma at it's best. Just sucks for people affected by this CROOK.
  • guest_3132 : If everyone is commenting on Thompson. This guy is big time crook and lots of people lost their home and lots of money. He should be serving time but can't be found bc he is hiding from justice. I know this bc I'm one of the victims who lost a home and 10's of thousands of $$. HE IS A CROOK.
  • guest_6428 : The legal profession is riddled with criminals.
  • TH : I think this thread must be talking about different people.
  • innocent mother : My son wants to come back home. I want my son back. Stop blackmailing me
  • guest_3603 : And for the record its not someone thinks anything theres proof.and now his time to pay up dont go away cuz hes a spoiled slickster that's finally getting exposed
  • guest_3603 : His dad is dr.labadie at west jeff ogbyn and one of his brothers is the president of the same hospital so if money was the answer he have Avenues to make money.the question is y is he hiding
  • TH : Just because you think you are owed monies does not make it true. He still has a right to monies owed him for his work. You want to blame someone, blame the ODC. If you cut a persons legs off, they can’t walk. If he can’t work as an attorney, he can’t remedy you (provided you are owed anything).
  • guest_3603 : Where he at so i can face him and he can remedy me guest_6477
  • Joe : He was never arrested for drugs. It was a rumor started by a group of lawyers to try and destroy his credibility. The injustices that have occurred in that town are unbelievable. It is full of corrupt lawyers and judges and law enforcement. The whole lot of them should be tried.
  • guest_8100 : Drug charges, that’s laughable. Obvious that facts mean nothing to you. I agree with previous person. He helped me time and time again and didn’t charge me a cent. He was an awesome coach and this is all bull$h!t!
  • guest_6477 : This has been a witch hunt and is full of false “facts”. He is a good man, father, husband, coach and attorney. You measure a person by the way he falls, I measure him by the way he rises.
  • guest_6477 : He is a fellow colleague of mine and because of the interim suspension, he was prevented from working on his clients behalf. This has been a witxh
  • guest_6477 : ...which she agreed to but did not compensate him. He has given much to this community and helped many with zero compensation. He is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. His whereabouts are known as he is trying to remedy any person he harmed.
  • guest_6477 : Your facts are wrong. He was never arrested for drugs and does not do drugs. I’ve know him all my life. He had an interim suspension because of a claim which prevented him from completing his duty to his clients. This was brought about by a disgruntled client’s daughter who felt she was owed money from her family members’s suit. This suspension prevented him from earning a living so he could make restitution. This client in question had him perform other services for her family membe
  • guest_4980 : Guest _2656 how do you know he didn't scam people. Awful strong remarks if you have not been on the other side of the story. He caused this don't blame game here. He's quilty of a lot of things. Not doing his job and being arrested for cocaine not once. So I'm not judging you I'm starting facts and you are defending obviously a friend of yours a suspension due to drug charges. Public is not as stupid as you people in the court house and system think we are. Go join him. If it was a regular perso
  • guest_7949 : He's a scumbag. Just the tip of the iceberg. He's ripped off many people. Should be in jail!!!
  • guest_9016 : This dude is hiding and the court is help him.he owes alot of ppl money and dont have to pay it back and was a client that he was trying to get me time cuz he kno he ran off with my money
  • guest_2656 : Ridiculous! This attorney stole zero! He was prohibited from completing his work for his clients because of a suspension that should not have occurred. A witch hunt was carried out by the very people he spent his life trying to help. He was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars which the LA Bar Association failed to help him recoup. This is Louisiana politics at its worst.
  • Joe : Nice to see lots of lawyers going to jail.
  • Mike : Crazy Story..
  • guest_5706 : This lawyer is a wack job!
  • guest_1134 : Why does it take so long to investigate these crimes?
  • John : Cool feature



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38 ► State Attorney William Cervone of Gainesville; champion for convicted Perv
39 ► Attorney Kirk Chamberlin of Encino, CA; Wife Beating Perv
40 ► Attorney Thomas Connolly III of Oceanside, CA; convicted pervert
41 ► Attorney Rene A. Cooper of Detroit; serial pervert
42 ► Attorney Steven Copenhaver of Houston; pervert
43 ► Attorney Richard Crane of Las Vegas; convicted Perv
44 ► Attorney Russell Cranmer of Wichita, KS; convicted pervert
45 ► Attorney Daniel Crawford of Tulsa; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee, ethical gnome
46 ► Attorney Ronald Davidovic of Toronto, CAN; Convicted Pervert
47 ► Attorney Chauncey Depew of Kansas City, MO; serial pervert, misogynist
48 ► Attorney John DiBlasi of Westchester County, NY; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee
49 ► Attorney Donald Dudley of Milwaukee; pervert
50 ► Attorney Luther Dye of Queens, NY; certified pervert, bigot
51 ► Attorney Michele Eliot of Casper, WY; convict, pervert
52 ► Attorney Adam Ellis of Tallahassee; pervert, wife beater
53 ► Attorney Joseph Engl of Manitowoc, WI; pervert, criminal
54 ► Attorney Kerry Evans of Ontario, Canada; disgusting pervert
55 ► Attorney William Ezzell of Gainesville, FL; convicted pervert
56 ► Attorney Dwight Faulhaber of Eugene, OR; pervert, ethical gnome
57 ► Attorney Stanley Feinstein of Chatsworth, CA; convicted pervert
58 ► Attorney William Feldman of Upper Arlington, OH; convicted pervert
59 ► Attorney Charles Fife of Denver; serial pervert
60 ► Attorney Michael Fine of Avon, OH; disgusting pervert
61 ► Attorney Gerald Fishman of Chicago; pervert
62 ► Attorney Steven Ford of St. Ignace, MI, disgusting pervert
63 ► Attorney Robert Forquer of Scottsdale, AZ; disgusting pervert
64 ► Attorney Robert Foster of Clinton, OK; disgusting pervert
65 ► Attorney Randall Fritzler of Vancouver; pervert, repeat offender
66 ►Attorney Bradley Frick of Columbus, OH; apologist for convicted perverts
67 ► Attorney Randolph Furman of Longview, WA; pervert, moron
68 ► Attorney Carl Gabrielse of Holland, MI; convicted pervert
69 ► Attorney Christopher Garcia of Los Angeles; convicted pervert
70 ► Attorney Michael S. Garofalo of Sparta, NJ; potty mouth pervert
71 ► Attorney Devin Garramone of Utica, NY: pervert, convict
72 ► Attorney Kenneth Gurber of Chicago; pervert, flasher
73 ► Attorney John B. Hagler of Cleveland, TN; pervert, screwball
74 ► Attorney William G. Halby of Brooklyn, NY; pervert, Dumbo
75 ► Attorney Joseph J. Haldusiewicz of Newark, NJ: convicted pervert
76 ► Attorney John Harkins of Fredericksburg, VA; pervert
77 ► Attorney James Hauser of Maitland, FL; pervert, adulterer
78 ► Attorney Bryan Hedges of Syracuse, NY; disgusting pervert
79 ► Attorney Ross Heim of Kildeer, IL; sexually assaulted stepdaughter
80 ► Attorney Murdoch Hertzog of Michigan; Pervert, liar, repeater
81 ► Attorney Tommy Hindman of Knoxville; convicted pervert
82 ► Attorney Robert Hollman of Odessa, TX; degenerate pervert
83 ► Attorney Cynthia Holloway of Tampa; pervert, moron
84 ► Attorney Thomas Hood of Plainfield, NJ; disgusting pervert
85 ► Attorney Ty Hyderally of Montclair, NJ; pervert
86 ► Attorney Matthew Igbinosun of Toronto, Canada; pervert, Dufus
87 ► Attorney Michael Inglimo of Superior, WI; pervert, loser
88 ► Attorney Allen H. Isaac of Valley Stream, NY: dirty old man
89 ► Attorney Jesse Jackson Jr. of West Chester, OH; thief, convict, pervert
90 ► Attorney Thomas Jeffrey of Santa Rosa, CA; pervert
91 ► Attorney Howard Jenkins Jr. of Austin, TX; serial pervert
92 ► Attorney David Evan Jones of Sacramento; pervert, convict
93 ► Attorney Franklin Jones of Rochester, NH; pervert, moron
94 ► Attorney Peter Katic of Munster, IN; pervert
95 ► Attorney David T. Kaye of Escondido, CA; pervert, convict, peeping Tom
96 ► Attorney James W. Kennedy of Toms River, NJ; convicted pervert
97 ► Attorney Robert Kerzka of Indian River, MI; convicted pervert
98 ► Attorney Robert Ketter of Topeka, KS; serial pervert
99 ► Attorney Jack King of Winnipeg; moronic pervert
100 ► Attorney Frank Kirk of Oklahoma City; disgusting pervert
101 ► Attorney Amos Kirkpatrick of Anniston, AL; pervert
102 ► Attorney Gary Kivett of Spruce Pine, NC; serial pervert
103 ► Attorney Larry Klayman of DC; pervert, child molester
104 ► Attorney Robert Koch of Tempe, AZ; pervert, serial criminal
105 ► Attorney Victor Kudra of South Australia; pervert
106 ► Attorney David Kuhns of Salem, OR; misogynistic pervert
107 ► Attorney Bradley Lamb of Lake Butler, FL; convicted pervert
108 ► Attorney David Landry of Kenai, AK; pervert, moron, ethical gnome
109 ► Attorney John Lange of Southfield, MI; disgusting pervert
110 ► Attorney Gary Lawrence of Southport, NC; disgusting pervert
111 ► Attorney James E. Leeny of Chicago; pervert, convict
112 ► Attorney Lua Lepianka of Gainesville; supports convicted Perv
113 ► Attorney Zachary Light of Medford, OR; disgusting pervert
114 ► Attorney Stephen Linnen of Columbus, OH; disgusting pervert
115 ► Attorney Stephen Linnen of Columbus, OH; convicted pervert
116 ► Attorney Robbie Levin of Marietta, GA; convicted pervert
117 ► Attorney James G. Long, III of Columbia, SC; serial pervert
118 ► Attorney Anthony Lopez of Aliso Viejo, CA; convicted pervert
119 ► Attorney Anthony LoRusso of Buffalo; loathsome pervert, misogynist
120 ► Attorney Kenneth Lynn of Farmington Hills, MI; convicted pervert
121 ► Attorney Hugo J. Mack of Ypsilanti, MI; convicted sex offender
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123 ► Attorney Andrew F. Malone of Media, PA; convicted pervert
124 ► Attorney Bruce Mandel of Torrance, CA; convicted pervert
125 ► Attorney Henry Martinez Jr. of Solana Beach, CA; convicted pervert
126 ► Attorney Eugenio Mathis of Las Vegas, NM; pervert
127 ► Attorney Ira. S. Mayo of Torrington, CT; pervert, repeat offender
128 ► Attorney Timothy McCalep of Atlanta; pervert
129 ► Attorney William C. McClain of Terre Haute, IN; despicable pervert
130 ► Attorney Lawrence McCreey of Lihue, HI; dirty old man
131 ► Attorney Vincent McGraw of Lawrenceville, GA; pervert, liar
132 ► Attorney Dale McKenna of Scottsdale, AZ; convicted pervert
133 ► Gary Mellor of Seward, NE; disgusting pervert
134 ► Attorney Allen Meyers of Troy, MI; convicted pervert
135 ► Attorney Alberto Miera Jr. of St. Paul, MN; pervert, repeater
136 ► Attorney Grover Miskovsky of Oklahoma City; disgusting pervert
137 ► Attorney John Mismas of Willoughby, OH; pervert
138 ► Attorney Robert Moilanen of Vancouver; pervert; misogynist, sadist
139 ► Attorney C. Michael Moore of Jackson, OH; pervert
140 ► Attorney John Moore of Phoenix; sexual deviant
141 ► Attorney William Moore of Enterprise, AL; lying pervert
142 ► Attorney Gerald Moothart of Ames, IA; serial pervert
143 ► Attorney Michael Morgan of Seattle; pervert, moron, II Duce Wannabee
144 ► Attorney Dan Murdock of Oklahoma City; convicted pervert
145 ► Attorney David Murray of Denver; convicted pervert
146 ► Barrister Sam Nguyen of Queensland, AUS; pervert
147 ► Attorney Kenneth O. Nix of Smyrna, GA; pervert
148 ► Attorney Edward Nottingham of Denver; pervert, scofflaw, moron
149 ► Attorney Chance Oberstein of Redondo Beach, CA; degenerate pervert
150 ► Attorney Joseph O’Malley of North Royalton, OH; convicted pervert
151 ► Attorney Peter O’Rourke of Harbor Springs, MI; pervert
152 ► Attorney A. Edward Overton of Tarpon Springs, FL; pervert
153 ► Attorney George Parker of Cincinnati; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee, moron
154 ► Attorney James Paterson of Lorain, OH; disgusting perver
155 ► Attorney Lynn Pearlstein of Scottsdale, AZ; pervert
156 ► Attorney James Peck IV of West Orange, NJ; convicted pervert
157 ► Attorney Alexander Perez of Fullerton, CA; convicted pervert
158 ► Attorney Eric Powell of Parkersburg, WV; disgusting pervert
159 ► Attorney James Ray of New York City; certified Pervert
160 ► Attorney Mario Restifo of Erie, PA; apologist for attorney perverts
161 ► Attorney Aaron A. Ridenbaugh of Bolivar, OH; voyeur, pervert
162 ► Attorney Bruce Riedel of Lafayette, CA; convicted pervert
163 ► Attorney James Rocchio of Bloomfield Hills, MI; convicted pervert
164 ► Attorney Edward Rollins of Elkton, MD; convicted perv
165 ► Attorney William Roush of Birmingham, MI; convicted pervert
166 ► Attorney Bradley Roylance of Bountiful, UT; convicted pervert
167 ► Attorney Richard Ryan of Roseville; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee
168 ► Attorney Mohammad Saboorian of Newport Beach, CA; convicted pervert
169 ► Attorney Tony Sangiamo of York, PA; convicted Perv
170 ► Attorney Warren Sappington of Macon County, IL; pervert, sadist
171 ► Attorney Leonard J. Sawyer of Long Beach, CA; convicted pervert
172 ► Attorney Timothy Scannell of Grand Marais, MN; pervert
173 ► Attorney Martin Schulz of Ontario, CAN; convicted pervert
174 ► Attorney Dennis Schumacher of Mt. Morris, IL; pervert
175 ► Attorney James Shaw, Jr. of New York; pervert, misogynist
176 ► Attorney James M. Shull of Gate City, VA; pervert, moron, repeater
177 ► Attorney Gary Smith of San Bernardino; convicted serial pervert
178 ► Attorney John Sopher of Oklahoma City; pervert, loser
179 ► Attorney Steven Sowards of Battleground, WA; pervert
180 ► Attorney Oliver M. Spurlock of Chicago; pervert, ethical leper-con
181 ► Attorney Stanley Stallworth of Chicago; accused sexual predator
182 ► Attorney London Steverson of Haymarket, VA; pervert
183 ► Attorney Randolph Subryan of Passaic, NJ pervert
184 ► Attorney Dan Susi of Erie, PA; pervert, convict, loser
185 ► Attorney James F. Tenney of Marietta, GA; peeping Tom
186 ► Attorney Larry Tomlinson of Warren, MI; convicted pervert
187 ► Attorney Jack Tuckner of New York; pervert, moron, ethical gremlin
188 ► Attorney David Turlington III of Boone, NC; pervert, repeat offender
189 ► Attorney Richard Vesole of Bettendorf, IA; convicted flasher, pervert
190 ► Attorney Richard Visole of Bettendorf, IA; convicted pervert
191 ► Attorney Kenneth Warren of Dublin, OH; convicted pervert
192 ► Attorney H. Lee Watson of Los Angeles; disgusting pervert
193 ► Attorney Kent Whittington of Idaho Falls; pervert
194 ► Attorney Steven Wiechman of Topeka; pervert, repeater
195 ► Attorney Harry Wiens of Manitoba, CAN; serial pervert
196 ► Attorney Kevin Wistrom of Muskegon, MI; convicted pervert
197 ► Attorney David J. Witherspoon of Newark, NJ; repeater, pervert
198 ► Attorney Robert Wolf of Portland, OR; pervert
199 ► Attorney William Wolfson of Flemington, NJ; convicted pervert