David Michael Ellis & Attorney Robert D Rodriguez ACCUSED OF “DOXING”

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Doxing (from dox, abbreviation of documents) or doxxing is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization.

Recently the FBI was notified regarding this crime  FBI AGENT RESPONSE : "I reviewed again the chain of reports and see that “Robert” posted a note received from “one of the Plaintiffs” which appears to be Mr. Ellis."

David Ellis AKA Major David Ellis has threatened in the past to publish the home addresses of individuals to "the disgruntled of the world" and continues to act on the threat. David Michael Ellis often employs others to do his dirty work for him. David Ellis can often be found using fake usernames like "Ted Sille" on social media sites like facebook.

This posting was submitted to BarComplaint by Mr. Oesterblad in it's entirety

Convicted Sex Offender proponent David Michael Ellis joins a convicted “woman beater” uses attorney Robert D. Rodriguez to initiate online harassment AGAIN with false accusation against Brent Oesterblad. this is not the first time David Michael Ellis has used attorneys to harass.  https://usaherald.com/attorneys-timothy-ducar-margie-hauf-accused-using-fake-defendants-federal-court/  

David Michael Ellis  AKA Major David Ellis

Image sources USAHerald.com & Google Images

Attorney Robert D Rodriguez ACCUSED OF "DOXING" Rodriguez has already been suspended 4 times by California State Bar


David Michael Ellis: Proponent for Convicted Sex Offender this time joins convicted “woman beater” attorney Robert D. Rodriguez to AGAIN initiate online harassment as legal attack strategy.

Here we go again, minding my own business giving little to no thought to DAVID MICHAEL ELLIS (aka Major David Ellis who is a retired U.S. Marine Corp Officer, otherwise ALSO known as aka “General” David Ellis, his own self proclaimed title on the zealot advocacy website of California convicted sex offenders ACSOL), only to learn of his reiteration to involve me (of all people) in his latest nefarious endeavors - pathetic.  As the truly unhinged practice of David Ellis to extend his ongoing battle with his long time adversary “Chuck,” I once again find myself being attacked online with the never ending lies of David Ellis.

Although you would think after many years successfully defending against the documented online harassment and two VICTORIOUS legal defenses in both state and federal courts against the pathological liar David Michael Ellis of Phoenix, Arizona – accused wife beater (accused by ex-wife in sworn testimony under penalty of perjury) – alcoholic (claimed in sworn testimony by ex-wife) - three time divorced multiple philanderer (documented in ALL three divorce proceedings) – accused of work place sexual harassment by multiple female subordinates (one being at the time employee subordinate was his sister-in-law  – wow, that is twisted) - accused business fraudster (accused via sworn testimony claiming direct firsthand knowledge being Ellis’ Quality Assurance employee assistant Holly Johnson-Oakes) – being DOD and FBI investigated in manufacturing and documentation practices of aircraft parts of Phoenix based American Aerospace Technical Castings, Inc. – online harassment of false allegations against my family members – which was truly ironic considering David Ellis family members with public records confirmation the father/grandfather Robert F. Ellis who was a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER who molested the very young at the time daughter of David Ellis and also a brother convicted of being a drug  dealer/smuggler etc. etc. etc. – he should have learned how these efforts play out to his own detriment. One would have thought he may have realized these efforts to involve me are not met with timidity – they receive the appropriate attention and ALWAYS garner the kind of RESPONSE that Ellis fears most – the TRUTH based on the FACTS supported by a plethora of public records (court filings) available in the public domain.  

So here on RipOffReport.com, I am now being falsely attacked with a new round of online harassment. The new stooge for this round of nonsense is California attorney Robert D. Rodriguez. At least it isn’t another one of David Ellis’ convicted sex offender friends. Last time David Ellis partnered in his online harassment agenda against me with a collection of convicted sex offenders – Adam Galvez, convicted child molester of 12 year old boy – Jeremy Graves, convicted child rapist of 15 year old boy – Keith Johnson, aggravated sexual battery of 12 year old girl (cousin) – Gordon Grainger, child molester/abduction of 15 year old girl – Frank Silva, child porn and sexually explicit conduct involving a child and MORE that were in the sexual assault, lewd and lascivious etc. categories – I think you get the idea of who David Michael Ellis chooses as associates in his personal affairs. So this time I was required to perform only the basic  remedial amount of due diligence to establish David Ellis has once again reached to the bottom of the barrel to find a documented grossly incompetent and “crooked” attorney in Robert D. Rodriguez of San Ramon, California.  What I found about attorney Rodriguez with simple Google searches and reviewing the public records provided very disturbing FACTS:

  • Has been issued FOUR SUSPENSIONS pursuant State Bar of California disciplinary rulings.
  • “Crooked” in that he was CRIMINALLY  CONVICTED of physical assault of a woman (girl friend at the time, police documented bruised face and other signs of an assault) – (a “woman beater”)
  • Accused in divorce documents to physically assaulting his ex-wife – (alleged “wife beater”?)
  • Was suspended from practicing law for NOT taking care of child support responsibilities demanded via Court Order. (support payments involving THREE special needs children)
  • Was suspended from practicing law for NOT properly paying his legal fees and fines.
  • Was suspended for NOT passing “Professional Responsibility Exam” required by the State Bar due to the previous disciplinary suspensions
  • IRS issues alleging irregularities in tax filings.
  • Beginning July 16, 2015 through June 11, 2018, attorney Robert D. Rodriguez would be suspended from the practice of law by the State Bar of California 32 months of the 35 month time frame.

The new collaboration by David Michael Ellis and California attorney Robert D. Rodriguez to conspire to engage in the coordinated online harassment utilizing RipOffReport.com in knowingly posting false and fabricated allegations against Brent Oesterblad are the found within this Report #1455887. The offensive lies, misrepresentation and attempted harassment are the following:

  • The address of my personal residence was posted as a means of harassment and an implied threat. These type of disclosures have been used previously by David Ellis as a means to have threats initiated against myself and my family by any number of parties, including, but not limited to, convicted sex offenders. The post providing my personal address in this manner has been forwarded to the FBI Special Agent of the Phoenix Field Office who maintains an ongoing file of such continued conduct by David Michael Ellis – and now attorney Robert D. Rodriguez.
  • The ROR post claims I “lost to me twice in superior and federal court.” This is NOT true at all – it is a lie by David Ellis that is being perpetuated by attorney Robert D. Rodriguez. I was sued by David Ellis in both AZ Superior Court and federal U.S. District Court in Arizona. I had ALL of David Ellis’ fabricated claims DISMISSED by the courts - this is an undisputable FACT that is easily verified with a simple check of the court records available as public records. Attorney Robert D. Rodriguez should have performed the most basic of due diligence before posting such defamatory assertions.
  • Lumping me into an unknown “they” using “letter and court document” is categorically false.
  • “This is how these a*s holes roll.” I am NOT an employee, owner or administrator of the BarComplaint.com website; yet AGAIN find myself harassed online by David Michael Ellis with the conspired false accusations being posted by attorney Robert D. Rodriguez.
  • “My attorneys pulled out to placate them after negative press on the website.” Although not providing the specifics, David Ellis is referring to his naming me in a third legal action filed in federal court in U.S. District Court of Nevada. I responded with filings for sanctions against his attorneys in Nevada and also filed a Notice in the federal Court in Arizona of the new fabricated lies and harassment. I contacted his attorneys directly concerning their abuse of process and my filings with the courts. Their response was to IMMEDIATELY withdraw ALL the Nevada filings and withdrew as legal counsel for David Ellis. That is what REALLY happened. The NV Federal Court DISMISSED me from the Ellis filed case AGAIN. When the attorneys were made aware of the FACTS concerning the David Ellis history of harassing me, they ran for the hills as fast and far as they could possible to get out of the case and eliminate their personal liability which they knew was significant. Don’t believe me – ask his attorneys yourself. Although they are professional attorneys, unlike Robert D. Rodriguez, so they will NOT violate their ethical duty to attorney client privilege despite having been completely misled by their LYING unethical client David Michael Ellis of Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Media attention covering the attorneys for David Ellis: https://usaherald.com/attorneys-timothy-ducar-margie-hauf-accused-using-fake-defendants-federal-court/
  • The CA AG did arrest the owners of Mugshots.com. I have no idea what that has to do with anything associated to the website BarComplaint.com – they have NOTHING in common. These people are either illiterate or morons.
  • For years now David Ellis has asserted my imminent arrest by some law enforcement agency – it is nothing short of delusional. The implied comparison with Mugshots.com would be an association years ago with a SEX OFFENDER database website. If so-called attorney Robert D. Rodriguez had performed even elementary due diligence he would have found distinct legal differences. California made law a very specific statute a few years ago that required websites like Mugshots.com to remove any/all profiles when notified that the identified individual on their website that had the charges dropped involving the original arrest data. This is a fair and reasonable requirement and one I support whole heartedly. The sex offender database years ago I was associated with ONLY profiled CONVICTED sex offenders who had their criminal records released into the public domain as public records. Again – CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS like the ones David Ellis partnered with and advocated. A completely different legal circumstance and specifically recognized by the very same California statute in its creation as being PROTECTED by the First Amendment. No criminal liability at all – do your research before implying “false light” allegations of “criminal” conduct, that is how someone finds themselves in civil litigation.
  • “Using my pictures” – I didn't use anything of anyone.
  • “Pretty twisted” and “Sick.” I am neither which provides for obvious legal claims.
  • “More than likely I will have to file suit against THEM seeking injunctions under federal law.”

David Ellis should have given attorney Robert D. Rodriguez the heads-up how this online harassment strategy plays out – considering he is all too aware from his own experience. Attorney Robert D. Rodriguez could have made an informed decision before employing such a stratagem himself that create obvious legal liability. I do not stay quiet and just take such attempted abuse stoically. Nope – not my way. BTW – what marketing genius came up the brilliant concept to involve the ROR website to build … BRANDING?

So my direct response to attorney Robert D. Rodriguez and his co-conspirator David Michael Ellis of Phoenix, Arizona – I DARE YOU TO FILE A LAWSUIT. It is likely David Ellis did NOT impart the fact that I have been threatened with similar legal action – actually six legal cases adjudicated successfully on my own. My record is an undefeated 6 – 0 and I would love to make 7 – 0. Only this time I will go all in and seek the appropriate punitive damages for these continued online harassment and legal SLAPP strategies. I will take great pleasure in filing counter-claims of RICO Fraud, Defamation per se, False Light, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Duress and Abuse of Process.  I would look forward to dealing with a couple of alleged “wife beaters” because we all know what type of guy that is – ALWAYS – COWARDS. It should NOT be difficult to find me; I don’t hide from cowards and you posted my home address as part of your online harassment as some perceived form of intimidation and to create threats.  

BTW – the Holly Johnson-Oakes allegations against David Michael Ellis and the shenanigans that took place at American Aerospace Technical Castings, Inc. can be reviewed right here on RipOffReport.com pursuant Record #1090767: https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/brent-marshall-oesterblad/phoenix-arizona/brent-marshall-oesterblad-service-by-publication-phoenix-arizona-1090767 . Further specific details provided via a sworn affidavit signed by Ms. Johnson-Oakes under penalty of perjury.

This posting was submitted to BarComplaint by Mr. Oesterblad in it's entirety