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Behrooz Motamedi Las Vegas Nevada

UCLA LAW PROFESSOR UNCOVERS MORE FRAUD. Convicted Sex Offender Abraham Motamedi AKA "Behrooz"  Forges FEDERAL JUDGE MARK A GOLDSMITH Signature To Hide Past Sexual Battery Of A Minor.

Eugene Volokh (along with Public Citizen's Paul Levy) has made a cottage industry of sniffing out bogus/fraudulently-obtained court orders demanding the delisting of unflattering content. Much of this seemed to be the work of desperate reputation management "gurus," who had over-promised and under-delivered in the past. Abusing the DMCA process only goes so far. Sometimes you need to lie to judges to get things done.

Sometimes you just need to pretend you're the judge. Convicted sex offender Abraham Motamedi forged a court order awarding himself legal fees and the delisting of content indicating he was a convicted sex offender. When called on it, Motamedi claimed he had nothing to do with it while also claiming the order was legit. These two viewpoints cannot be resolved logically. If it was legit, Motamedi would have had to appear in court to obtain it. If it wasn't legit, then assertions otherwise won't suddenly make a nonexistent case appear on a Michigan court's docket.

Judge Mark A Goldsmith You Should Contact FBI Phoenix Field Office Immediately To See How Your Signature Is Being Forged On Judgments. The Documents/Evidence Have Been Provided To Various FBI Agents For Your Review. 21711 N. 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85024 Phone: (623) 466-1999 Any Other Questions can also be directed to the UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh who uncovered this fraud

ANEDRA WYLIE, PARALEGAL Is the last known person to attempt to remove the convicted sex offenders record from puplic view and refused comment when asked about her involvement. The public information listed is below.

LAW PRACTICE, LTD. 5516 S. FORT APACHE #110 LAS VEGAS,NV 89148 Telephone : (702) 871-6144 Facsimile  : (702) 871-6916

AUTHORITIES TO PROBE Abraham Motamedi claim the order is real

There is no Motamedi v. Oesterblad in the Eastern District of Michigan. The case number 2:13-cv-14541 (the number listed in the order) in that district corresponds to a completely different order. There is no Daniel Ro. Markus, the lawyer who, according to the order, was responsible for the case.

UCLA Law Professor volokh got in touch with him, to see whether he was responsible for filing the order, or if this was done by some company he hired (in which case it might have been done without his knowledge that the order would be forged). he got a good deal of bluster from him and insistence that this was indeed a real order and refused to say who else was involved.


Abraham Motamedi

Abraham Motamedi
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Last known address:  
2180 W Boulder Bar
Meridian    ID 83646

Age: 47
DOB: 1965-04-04
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Unknown / Unspecified
Eye Color: Unknown / Unspecified

Offense: SEX BATT MINOR AGE 16/17



Offense and Court Details
Crime Location: |ADA CO|ID
Conviction Date: 2002-02-13