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  • guest_3603 : Where he at so i can face him and he can remedy me guest_6477
  • Joe : He was never arrested for drugs. It was a rumor started by a group of lawyers to try and destroy his credibility. The injustices that have occurred in that town are unbelievable. It is full of corrupt lawyers and judges and law enforcement. The whole lot of them should be tried.
  • guest_8100 : Drug charges, that’s laughable. Obvious that facts mean nothing to you. I agree with previous person. He helped me time and time again and didn’t charge me a cent. He was an awesome coach and this is all bull$h!t!
  • guest_6477 : This has been a witch hunt and is full of false “facts”. He is a good man, father, husband, coach and attorney. You measure a person by the way he falls, I measure him by the way he rises.
  • guest_6477 : He is a fellow colleague of mine and because of the interim suspension, he was prevented from working on his clients behalf. This has been a witxh
  • guest_6477 : ...which she agreed to but did not compensate him. He has given much to this community and helped many with zero compensation. He is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. His whereabouts are known as he is trying to remedy any person he harmed.
  • guest_6477 : Your facts are wrong. He was never arrested for drugs and does not do drugs. I’ve know him all my life. He had an interim suspension because of a claim which prevented him from completing his duty to his clients. This was brought about by a disgruntled client’s daughter who felt she was owed money from her family members’s suit. This suspension prevented him from earning a living so he could make restitution. This client in question had him perform other services for her family membe
  • guest_4980 : Guest _2656 how do you know he didn't scam people. Awful strong remarks if you have not been on the other side of the story. He caused this don't blame game here. He's quilty of a lot of things. Not doing his job and being arrested for cocaine not once. So I'm not judging you I'm starting facts and you are defending obviously a friend of yours a suspension due to drug charges. Public is not as stupid as you people in the court house and system think we are. Go join him. If it was a regular perso
  • guest_7949 : He's a scumbag. Just the tip of the iceberg. He's ripped off many people. Should be in jail!!!
  • guest_9016 : This dude is hiding and the court is help him.he owes alot of ppl money and dont have to pay it back and was a client that he was trying to get me time cuz he kno he ran off with my money
  • guest_2656 : Ridiculous! This attorney stole zero! He was prohibited from completing his work for his clients because of a suspension that should not have occurred. A witch hunt was carried out by the very people he spent his life trying to help. He was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars which the LA Bar Association failed to help him recoup. This is Louisiana politics at its worst.
  • Joe : Nice to see lots of lawyers going to jail.
  • Mike : Crazy Story..
  • guest_5706 : This lawyer is a wack job!
  • guest_1134 : Why does it take so long to investigate these crimes?
  • John : Cool feature

Judge Colleen French of Maricopa County Defrauded By Attorney Aaron Kelly?

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Judge Colleen French of Maricopa County Defrauded By Attorney Aaron Kelly?

UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh released this article on The Washington Post yesterday that alleges that Attorney Aaron Kelly filed another fraudulent legal case naming a fake defendant.  This time the case was filed in his own backyard, Maricopa County, Arizona, and it is alleged that Kelly hoodwinked local judge Colleen French.

The USA Herald has previously covered the Maricopa County, Arizona Law Office of Kelly/Warner allegations of filing fake lawsuits with fake defendants and fake notarizations all throughout the country in an effort to trick Google into removing consumer complaints about multiple shady characters.   Here are the articles:

In this article we are going to break down what also appears to be fraud on the court, this time filed by Attorney Aaron Kelly in Maricopa County, Arizona, and seemingly designed to trick Judge Colleen French into granting the motion where the defendant is non-existent:

Gil D. Cohen v. Robert Smith

NO. CV2015-002017

In this case, filed by Attorney Kelly and granted by Judge French, the Plaintiff is Gil D. Cohen.

As a background, Gil D. Cohen received a litany of complaints online from employees and customers.  One of the complaints was listed here on RipOffReport and is clearly written by a former employee of Gil Cohen.  In the online complaint by the former employee, Cohen is accused of the several serious improprieties, including misuse of client funds and withholding employee payouts.

Cohen acknowledges in his own words that this RipOffReport listing was filed by a former employee via his response to the posting:

The significance of Gil Cohen’s response is that he clearly had identified that a former employee had written this complaint, therefore it is completely unexcusable what Attorney Kelly did next.

Attorney Kelly filed a lawsuit against a “Robert Smith” in India claiming that Smith was the author of the RipOffReport about Cohen.   Robert Smith from India?!


  1. I have come to know a lot of people in India, and to this day I’ve yet to meet anyone in India that has an American name.
  2. Robert Smith is as generic as you can get when it comes to names.  This appears to benefit Attorney Kelly by using one of the most common names out there, making it next to impossible to track down this alleged defendant should investigative reporters like Eugene Volokh get their hands on the case.
  3. Again, like the other lawsuits, here “Robert Smith” has decided to represent himself pro se and miracoulously agreed to a stipulated judgement admitting to all liability for the RipOffReport posting.
  4. In this lawsuit filed by Attorney Kelly that was granted by Judge Colleen French, it appears as-if the same exact person that was used to forge the name for the phony defendant “Robert Smith” is the same forgerer in the “Howard Marks” case:

After speaking with a source that is a certified document/handwriting examiner, it was this experts opinion that the signatures are from the same person and that the person likely signed the document with their non-dominant hand.  Basically that means that if Attorney Kelly was right handed, it is entirely possible that these documents were forged using his left hand.

There’s another import link to make here.   It appears as-if this case was referred to Aaron Kelly by his client, friend, and business associate Richart Ruddie.

Per Eugene Volokh’s article in the Washington Post, it looks like accused court fraudster Richart Ruddie worked in conjunction with Attorney Kelly in the Cohen case as he did with 2 other attorneys:

“The new development: Late last week, Levy filed an amicus brief in Smith v. Levin — the Baltimore case — urging that the order be vacated; and Monday, the court did vacate it. But Levy’s amicus brief, among other things, also points to two other cases in Baltimore filed by Bennett Wills that seem to fit the same fake-defendant pattern (see also Levy’s affidavit and exhibits):

Bennett Wills has filed two additional “fake lawsuits” in Maryland circuit courts that are comparable to this case. Visionstar, Inc. v. Perez, No. 24C15005743 (Cir. Ct. Balt. City); Cohen v. Wilkerson, No. 06C15070022 (Cir. Ct. Carroll Cy). (Copies of these two complaints are attached). The papers use very similar language, and an investigation conducted by a private detective retained by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh to assist in his investigation of the phenomenon of fake litigation established that, as in this case, neither of the two individuals who were named as defendants and whose signatures appear on the consent orders live at the addresses shown for them. See attached Declaration of Giles Miller.

Moreover, both cases show obvious signs of being fake: the signatures of defendants “Mark Wilkerson” and “Daniel Perez” appear to have been written by the same hand; and the very carefully handwritten signature of “Mark Wilkerson” spells his name as “Wilerkson.” And in the Visionstar case, the allegation in paragraph 13 about the IP address from which the supposedly defamatory reviews were posted to the Ripoff Report web site is a highly implausible. Generally speaking, a subpoena can be issued in connection with a case seeking to identify the poster of an anonymous comment, but that is something that happens after the complaint is filed, not something that can be listed in the complaint.

Undersigned counsel has contacted inside counsel for Xcentric Ventures, the company that operates Ripoff Report, and ascertained that his client has never received any subpoena to identify the anonymous author of the reports cited in the Visionstar complaint; that attorney also represented that he checked the IP addresses for the reports cited in the complaint, and that none of them was associated with the address as the complaint alleges.

Moreover, when I called the plaintiff in Cohen v. Wilkersonto ask about the case, he stated that he didn’t authorize its filing, and didn’t know who the ostensible defendant (Wilkerson) was. He said he had hired Richart Ruddie to do something about some posts that he (Cohen) thought were libelous, but he had not expected or authorized this lawsuit. And I think that is plausible, though I of course can’t know for sure. (I tried to reach the plaintiff in Visionstar, but haven’t heard back.)

I emailed Wills’s lawyer to ask if he had any comment on these cases, but have not heard back from him.

One more twist: Careful readers will recall that there were some lawsuits involving defendants that couldn’t be found (and, in two instances, fake notarizations) filed in Arizona by the Kelly/Warner LLP firm, which also had some past connection with Ruddie. Well, it turns out that they had also filed a lawsuit in Arizona on behalf of the same Cohen, with regard to some other allegedly defamatory posts. This one was filed against a Robert Smith in India. (That defendant may exist; I cannot determine that, but I am mentioning this case only because of the connection to Cohen v. Wilkerson, where the American defendant could not be found.) It was likewise resolved through a stipulated judgment. And much of the language of Cohen v. Wilkerson(filed five months after Cohen v. Smith) was very similar to the language of Cohen v. Smith.”


Stay tuned for follow-up stories related to this investigation.

To report any information related to this case, please contact the following authorities:

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office:  602-876-1000

Judge Colleen French’s Chambers – 602-506-8308

Maricopa County Media Relations Department – 602-506-7570 or

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