Arrested Cheerleader Megan Welter /Allen Case Under Microscope

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Attorney Raes Mohamed kelly Warner Law

Arizona Attorney RAEES MOHAMED


Megan Welter AKA Megan Allen Cheerleader Case @ Kelly Warner Law Firm Under Microscope.


Yet another Kelly/Warner Law attorney exposed in “FAKE” lawsuit scandal.

There has been much attention recently directed toward the Kelly/Warner Law firm of Scottsdale, Arizona. The attention has not been for the reason one wants. The firm’s partners, Daniel Warner and Aaron Kelley, have received extensive attention for their business practices due to the investigative work of respective Law Professor Eugene Volokh of the UCLA Law School who oversees the legal blog, The Volokh Conspiracy, along with the work of attorney Paul Levy of the Washington D.C.  based Public Citizen Litigation Group. The issue has been the exposure of the filing of fraudulent lawsuits using “fake” defendants, plaintiffs and notaries. These lawsuits have even involved legal documents utilizing “forged” notary seals to validate the identity of the “fake” litigants. The results of such questionable and possibly criminal business practices has resulted in an open investigation by the State Bar of Arizona and in at least one jurisdiction on the east coast wherein an FBI criminal investigation is being overseen by an Assistant U.S. Attorney General (the feds).

It was recently discovered that these practices were not limited to just Warner and Kelly, but seem to be endemic of the Kelly/ Warner Law offices with the discovery of a clearly “fake” lawsuit filed by an associate attorney Raees Mohamed. The particulars of this example are of a rather salacious nature as it involves the much nationally publicized incident of a female army veteran who served 16 months in Iraq turned NFL cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals. In the fall of 2013, the NFL had engaged in a media promotional campaign to highlight the feel good story of Megan Welter. However, just one week later a very embarrassing incident would occur involving an arrest for domestic assault. Ms. Welter called 911 seeking assistance, however, upon the police arrival and initial investigation due to the boyfriend having videotaped the incident on his cell phone, it was Megan Welter who would be handcuffed and booked for assault charges. With that all too embarrassing horrendously awkward (not flattering) mug shot.  Apparently it was a birthday celebration involving too many drinks, a text message to an ex-girlfriend found on the cell phone and 2 AM in the morning – the classic recipe for something not good to occur.

Yes, I think we all can basically connect the dots – an unfortunate moment of bad judgment and overreaction. One you would like to take back –forget about – have others forget about - make it go away. You might even be so embarrassed to resort to changing your name, which Megan did. Here is where the old adage of making a bad situation WORSE comes into the equation – hiring the Kelly/Warner Law firm to use the legal judicial process to try to “make it go away.” It appears that a 25K line of credit taken out on the home may be involved. Filing a “fake” defamation lawsuit to dupe the Arizona Superior Court into circumventing the continued Internet dissemination of the FACTUAL news coverage and online discussion was the “legal” option offered by Raees Mohamed working for the Kelly/Warner Law firm. However, this purported “legal strategy” included knowingly misrepresenting and/or blatantly lying to obtain the Judge’s signature on a Court Order; Megan Welter v. John Doe, a really bad idea. One in which it can be said had identified dozens of major media outlets such as ABC News, USA Today, CBS News, et. al (90 links) and their coverage about the incident constituted Defamation against Megan.  More details are being prepared and will be posted very soon .

Stay tuned For The Details Of This Story & Why This Is Considered Another Fraud By Kelly Warner Law Firm.



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