Virginia State Bar laughs at client after attorney steals settlements

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In 1995 my girlfriend was bitten by a neighbors dog while she was walking in our community.  The neighbor was a medic and asked that she not report him if he would treat the injury.  He dressed it once and did not show up again, apparently nerve damage had occurred.  So we retained Mr. Thomas Eugene Burks Esquire pro-bono, he had her see a specialist who identified that it was nerve damage.  State Farm, the neighbors Insurance company was contacted, in a meeting between an insurance investigator, Mr. Burks and us they identified that we had a case.

Years passed, excuses were made and then in 2000 a psychiatrist we had been seeing called us up and told us to read the Washington Post, we got the paper and found the article Big-Spending Lawyer Leaves Clients in Limbo (June 1, 2000).  Our case had started in 1995, the dates referenced started several years later.

We went to one of the hearings to try to figure out what had happened and since my girlfriend had retained him probono the hope was to get her case resolved.  I approached the Virginia State Bar attorneys and asked them about our situation, pro-bono, they laughed at us/her, stating that they would take everything.  We never did find out if we had been the first victim, leading us on hoping we would give up.  When the Bar sent the files they dismissed us, we contacted several attorneys, none would take the case, even to ensure that we had not been a victim - the case was damaged and the Bar was going to take all his assets.

On contacting the Virginia State Bar an institution that claims to have Virginia State Bar Pro Bono / Access to Legal Services A Mission of the Virginia State Bar.  Yet in our case of a thieving, deserting attorney, a member of the Virginia State Bar, they would not provide such services to a victim of one of their members.  We put our name on a list for legal aide, was never contacted.....

State Farm Claim Number:  46-C821-252 May 19, 1995