Thad Culpepper is a liar and does not return calls

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address: 3938 W 28th St. Los Angeles, CA 90018-2352
phone: (310) 997-0806
CA bar number: 220194

He has been admitted to the CA bar since 06/26/2002
I hired this guy in October 2012, since then he has lost his license several times and me NOT knowing about it:
7/1/16, 1/22/15, 10/26/13, 7/2/13,
He has failed to appear at the court several times. I have had problems since I hired him and filed a bar complaint (later withdrew - my mistake)
Latest problem: phoned him and sent emails - no response
When to the HOA meeting in July 2017 (after skipping several meetings) and agreed to email me an authorization letter, but never did. I called August 29, 2017 to remind him of meeting on 30th. He promised me the authorization would get to me before meeting, but did not. I went to meeting to meet him, but not there. He wanted to give board written questions to answer. Actually, same questions that the broad had answered in 2012 when I contacted the state District Attorney. He did not show that letter which the District Attorney had the board answer to the court!