Robert D. Rodriguez, the San Ramon, California Attorney Continues to Make a Fool of Himself with His Unhinged Postings

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Attorney Rodriguez didn't like the FACTUAL information concerning his California law license and disciplinary suspensions (3 in total) that have been issued being reposted here at He sent a threatening demand letter to remove the republished information obtained directly from the official website of the State Bar of California. His request was refused. He threw a tantrum to no avail. His next VERY UNWISE attack strategy was to file a report as "Robert" with claiming this website is a "scam" attempting to "defraud" the readers of "money" which in his "opinion" amounts to "criminal" RICO. Okay - then. He did NOT explain how a website that does not require money to access the content - sell any products - ask for donations - can engage in some unknown "scam" to "defraud" who exactly in a "criminal" conspiracy with whom to obtain your "money"? Well there you have it, the professional conduct of a California licensed attorney  - Robert D. Rodriguez of San Ramon, California. 

Robert D. Rodriguez, the San Ramon, California Attorney Continues to Make a Fool of Himself with His Unhinged Postings

UPDATE POST and REBUTTAL: It appears attorney Robert D. Rodriguez of San Ramon, California is once AGAIN experiencing troubles in controlling his anger management issues. At least this time it does NOT involve physical violence against women such as his criminal conviction for domestic violence involving a girlfriend and accusations of the same by his ex-wife in their divorce proceedings. Better to be deranged ramblings of nonsensical conspiracy theories against for republishing articles by the American Bar Association and the State Bar of California detailing his law license being suspended three times in his short, on-again-off-again and very UNDISTIQUISHED career as an attorney. The sticks and stones analogy applies as the manic incoherent tirades of attorney Robert D. Rodriguez actually speak for themselves. (So say the “dysfunctional misguided misfits,” “sad dork wanna bes)”(sp?) and “criminals” who will be seeking therapy after such descriptive vicious critiques being levied by such an astute attorney as Rodriguez J)  

The disjointed claim posted here of two “counterfeit checks; one for $230,000.00” is actually a serious matter – if true. As an officer of the court, it is the MANDATORY professional duty of licensed attorney Robert D. Rodriguez, an “officer of the court,” to immediately report this matter to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Of course, this accusation is an implied inference that somehow is responsible for this nefarious occurrence. We have no idea – AGAIN - what this man is talking about and believe it is likely another unhinged lashing out diatribe – AGAIN. However, in the event that this actually did occur, it would be a CRIME that demands an investigation by the appropriate law enforcement authorities. As such, with attorney Rodriquez posting online with ROR an implied accusation that was involved or complicit in this alleged FRAUD – we will be proactive and alert the local FBI Field office – (450 Golden Gate Avenue, SFO, CA 94102 and (415) 553-7400 - - we are NOT bluffing as attorney Rodriguez should have ascertained by now (although certainly a little think – obviously). We will be happy to make ourselves available to the FBI to be questioned about our knowledge of counterfeit checks being sent to attorney Robert D. Rodriguez. It is not a difficult commitment as we have NO idea what he is ranting about – what-so-ever. Due to the national coverage by major media, it is well known now that answering questions from official law enforcement authorities is a crime pursuant 18 U.S. Code § 1001 (imagine General Flynn conviction). It is a serious matter. The big question here, will attorney Rodriguez make himself available for questions about the”two counterfeit checks; one in the amount of $230,000.00” with the FBI? If not, WHY NOT? The FBI would certainly be able to easily track IP addresses to dating site postings and the IP address of the alleged Facebook posting of Sean O’Reardon would be an extremely easy trail to follow-up. Would sort of be one of those rubber meets the road moments – we will report back here if we have success in being contacted by the FBI.  

While filing a complaint concerning the counterfeit $230K check along with reviewing and discussing the evidence with attorney Rodriguez, we are sure the FBI would be enthralled to hear about his legal theories of “criminal” RICO being committed by the website by republishing content found all over the Internet focusing on ethical violations of attorneys and judges. Maybe the FBI can ascertain how viewers of the website can be “defrauded” by such a “scam” when no “money” is involved. We are admittedly perplexed about this conundrum.

A FYI ADMISSION: there is in fact ONE thing we can agree with unhinged attorney Robert D. Rodriguez has stated – do NOT give us any money. That does not hurt our feelings as we are NOT asking anyone for money. We are NOT selling anything on the website. We do NOT even ask for donations. It is hard to imagine where the alleged “scam” could possibly occur that would “defraud” you in any manner. However, according to the self-proclaimed legal “stable genius” Rodriguez asserts somehow is trying to “scam””money” and engages in RICO “crimes” by way of doing… what we have NO idea how exactly that would occur. Anyone have a clue what this nitwit is talking about?  

Conversely, we do have experience in retaining attorneys and they DO COLLECT money. They are SELLING their services as legal professional. We do NOT have firsthand knowledge as to the business practices attorney Robert D. Rodriguez; we assume he charges money for his services as an attorney. So based o the available information and common sense facts, it would seem the ONLY one who could perpetrate a “scam” that would “defraud” that involves “collecting money” – well that CAN NOT be in this debate. Just saying…. A man convicted of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE for hitting in the face his girlfriend, accused by his ex-wife of similar PHYSICAL ABUSE in the divorce proceedings, law license suspended for NOT paying court ordered child support, NOT passing mandatory testing submitted by the state bar

IMPORTANT NOTE – The “stable genius” attorney Robert D. Rodriguez is the one who took this dispute to which receives high ratings for its SEO when Google Indexes the content. Meaning - this post will come up high in a Google search of Attorney Robert D. Rodriguez of California. GOOD – an informed client is a prepared client. The deranged ranting of an unhinged attorney is actually advertising for what we republish on Attorney Robert D. Rodriguez has basically proved the point that is the foundation of the website, which is the public needs to be aware of the facts and do the appropriate amount of due diligence when hiring an attorney. There is a LOT OF BAD LAWYERS out there to avoid. If you want to retain an attorney such as Robert D. Rodriguez with the career history of his legal practice (3 suspensions), fourth rate institution for legal education, failing follow-up testing administered by state bar, not paying legal fees and fines and of course the issues associated with his personal matters (yikes) – you do so informed of the available facts.  PLUS – the degree of intellect, logic and reasoning demonstrated by attorney Rodriguez in creating this post with and his authored posts for the general public to receive as a search result when performing due diligence reviews – brilliant marketing strategy for ones legal practice –we are sure. did its best in providing relevant content for the readers review to make an informed decision concerning the work of attorney Robert D. Rodriguez. Good luck with your legal matters (LOL!).

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