patrick cordero law firm gouging and no communication

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basically i was told my bankruptcy would be 1500 by multiple girls in the office. i kept making my payments until i reached that amount. my bankruptcy went thru and about a year later i was discharged. the escrow had over 4k in it and i was waiting to get the check. i kept calling his office where noone can ever ever give you an answer but the next day, and i am told it's coming. i went down to the office to personally ask what is going on only to find out it was about 4k to do a bankruptcy not 1500!!! the 1500 is just to get started!! and i should be getting back about 2k!! i keep calling to ask when is my check coming and noone knows!!!!! this place is packed all the time, the girls are all gossiping, noone knows anything. it's almost like a meat factory, just making money left and right and poor service. stay clear!!!!! this is my opinion of which i am completely entitled. i wouldn't be surprised if this lawyer tries to come after me.