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I am accused of transporting 2 OZ of marijuana & a creme that is designed to relieve pain from peripheral neuropathy. The former is a misdeameanor charge, however, the creme has a chemical in it that makes it a felony.
Almost a year ago, I contacted Xavier Duran & asked him to represent me. I was close friends w/ a relative of his & thought this was a good choice. I was very wrong!!!
After almost a year of dealing w/ my lawyer's voice mail box which is constantly full! He asked me to text him to communicate, but he answers 1 in 10 texts & totally ignores the others.
I paid him almost $5000 & my lawyer has NOT read the discovery; which he's had for over 3 weeks; in addition, he won't share it w/ me. We've scheduled two meetings to get the discovery; first I traveled to Dallas to go to his office & he didn't show up. I asked again & we chose a place closer to his house; for convenience; he never showed up!
Xavier Duran doesn't feel the law or rules apply to him... aside from the fact that Denton County, where this incident occurred , took over 9 months to schedule my first court appearance; I went to court 7/14 & my lawyer showed up. I am being charged w/ 2 different crimes; 1 misdemeanor, medical marijuana, (I have a prescription from a CO doctor, however, TX doesn't honor that); the creme & pills for my neuropathy are classified as a felony charge.
How do I get my money back; find a new reputable lawyer to represent me get a court continuance, until my lawyer & I can go over the discovery & prepare our defense???