Mean, lazy, works with prosecutors

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October 18, 2017


I, leshawn Lundy, do solemnly swear that this affidavit is accurate and true.

Sometime during September through November 2006 I got my severance pay from AT&T. I remember having on a yellow velour jogging suit, because a male acquaintace had said earlier that it made my butt look flat. I called Mark Kusatzky, the attorney I hired to represent my son Kevin Lundy, to make a payment.
Upon his arrival, I offered him a cup of tea, as I usually do, he declined and ask to use the bathroom, he went to the bathroom, I wondered what was taking him so long and went looking for him, he was stretched out in my bed with in his tighty-whities, and nothing else, I jumped back in shock and hit my elbiw on the door frame as he said " it's okay, my back hurt (as he rubbed lower back), and I just need a massage" I can remember shaking and being nervous as I told him
" I can't do it, I got to leave" I remember him being pale and skinny with funny looking knees. He saw that I was scared, and apologized, got up, got his payment and left.

I called, my mother, and friend
Virginia Kubicko, (both, deceased) they both told me to report him and I told them " He already, easily irritated, I'm scared he will quit the case, and I don't have enough money for another attorney.
I also told my friend, Walter Jennings and Tina from downstairs. They said report him. I can remember because I have told it often over the years.

I believe, after refusing him is when he lost motivation in the case.

Mark Kusatzky, promised to:
Get a gun expert
Do a background on prosecutors witnesses
Interview witnesses who were at crime scene,
Take pictures of crime scene, ask for a change of venue

My belief is after the failed bedroom shenanigans, he no longer cared.
Trial transcript will show no witnesses, no background check, he used prosecutors pictures after charging me, for him and his bodyguard to get them. He did not use the affidavit, that one of the prosecutors witness sent him before trial, detracting his (witness) statement.

After a 3way call with Mark Kusatzky, mysel, and defendant Kevin Lundy, I thought I disconnected from Mark, and he overheard the rest of my conversation, which included me telling Kevin about the bedroom incident, mark never denied it.

Leshawn Lundy