Attorney LIED in court documents

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I divorced my gold-digger back in 2014 and moved to the Philippines. This attorney contacted me through email, stating that my ex-wife was trying to sell the house given to her during the divorce. My signatures were needed on different documents, had to be notarized, etc.

I told this attorney that she needed to find out if a Filipino notary signature was acceptable in the State of New York, and if it was, then I would comply, but I would not be able to if it required a US notary since I live well over 800 miles away from the closest US Embassy, would have to take an expensive flight to get there, pay $50 for EACH signature and stamp made, and that was far too costly and I didn't have the money to do that.

Instead of making inroads in that direction, she opted to LIE in her court documents in favor of my ex-wife, painting me to be very unreasonable. Emails were cherry-picked out of context to make it seem like I had refused to do anything.