alderdice all in until the cash starts flowing then hes mia

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alderdice has proved to be a 'here in the moment' kind of attorney. he is ready and willing to take your case, until payment is received. he does not like to handle IN county court hearings; almost like hes scared of judges here. its been almost 2 years and my divorce paoers, already signed and notorized by both preticipants also 2 years ago was to be filed woth $161.00 filing cost. NOT DONE, after paying this attorney $5000.00 just a lil over 3 weeks ago.
also, i have a court case with my children who are 16 n 17 and they have decided to rwmove them from my care. in rehards to this drug test, i have witnesses and doctors notes proving innosence and my attorney still asked me what i wanted done outaide the court hearing i have yet to be able to attend. hence, ive lost my kids. since then, ove made a payment of 4000.00 for a 2200.00 bill and aince thes last court date 8 days ago, he will NOT answer or returnm my emails, text messages, phone calls, nada. he hasnt been in his office none of tge times ive been there. even today, 8 times ive called, 4 times ive went by, we jave court in 2 days.. who knows if he will be there. do not accept him as your attorney. i just want the money back ive paid him, since he has done littlw to no work on the aboved named cases. dont do business with him. he promises you this but never answera after he recwives cash payments. he doesnt follow through!!!! i want reimbursed.