Sloppy, Incompetent, and Greedy

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Mark Mitchell charged me almost $10,000 for a divorce, without producing any results to my benefit at all. Instead, what documents he did prepare were sloppy and not proof-read; he filed a property protection order with the court in which the terms plaintiff and defendant were switched. For that, I paid $690 at a rate of $230//hour.

In addition, he ridiculed my fears for my safety, but when I succeeded in obtaining a personal protection order on my own, and promptly fled the state, he took it upon himself to charge me travel time to pick up a copy of the order, and to let me know he'd done so.

He failed to return phone calls promptly, and began to bill me every three weeks. Even the county prosecutor was astonished at his brazen abuse of his position, and stated that Mark Mitchell was milking me for every dime he could. When I asked what the total cost might be estimated at, the figure he gave me was $24,000, or more. No hearings were conducted, and he repeated requests for information I'd given to him several times over. I finally asked him to withdraw as my counsel so that I could retain an actual legal advocate and not a money-grubbing excuse of a lawyer.

I urge anybody considering retaining counsel to seek elsewhere for services, and I do recommend Ravi Gurumurthy of Cadillac, Michigan. Mark Mitchell was worthless as an advocate for me.