scott summers not doing anything but billing me

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i have paid mr. summers $6000.00 and it has been 3 years and he has neglected to show proof that i have sent to his office many times and he also just sends me bill after bill and is best friends with the judge wich is not helping me in court wich i find to be a conflict of interest and this is supposed to be family court in charleston wv it has now been sence november 2016 and i have not got any visitation or got to communicate with our daughters i have always been in their lives sence they were born and i asked mr. summers to file defamation and alienation because of no visitation or communication with our children and our children have been uprooted from there lives in harrison county wv and are only allowed to visit with their mother mrs. schillings family and husbands family mrs. brandi schillings decided to seperate and why engaged to me got engaged to mr. thomas schillings at the same time he knew about me but i knew nothing about him and in the first of 2014 came to my home with her father brother and her new lover mr. schillings while i was at work and lied to my mother saying it was her cousin at that time they all went into my home without my permission and took everything that we had bought in the 12 years we were together she only left me with my cloths and tvs on the floor and that was on a wensday by friday mrs. schillings brought our daughters and dropped them off knowing she took their beds cloths pots and pans and every bit of food we had just so she could go out and party at a bar and recently christmas day was assaulted by mr. schillings in the parking lot at gomart in flatwwods in wich the state police of braxton county refused to enforce the laws it seems that no matter what i do i am the only one who seems not to be able to tell the facts she has repeatedly ignored me for 2 years and has said false things and has questioned our girls to where they are repeating exactly what mrs. schillings says all of these problems have gotten so bad that im not allowed to have any contact or visitation until i go to counseling and anger management but i am only in the place because mr. summers is to busy to take on my case and will not admit it and all of my money has went to pay for mr. summers fees in wich i am broke trying to make it but the court just now lowered my child support to 293 a month and this wouldnt be a problem but now i owe 10000 to irs where mrs. schillings agreed to let me claim one of our daughters in 2015 and waited til i had already filed my taxes to ignore me and refused to sign an 8332 form then on top of all of that our family business caught fire and put me out of a job til we settle up and then 2 weeks later i took my only means of transportation to be fixed body wise and there building caught on fire so now i am without a job vehicle and my children at this point in time and my fiance has been paying for all food gas and whatever is needed at this time but even her money is gone now i have tried and tried to talk to our judge and explain my situation but am never allowed to speak in court and my lawyer mr. summers does not speak up for me i wish to collect my attorney fees so i may hire a lawyer that will not forget about my case please if there is anything you can do to help me it would be appreciated.