Scott M. Shields

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My name is Renne Provost and this is about my mother and fathers living trust that is now an irrevocable trust due to there passing my mother passed away 2 1/2 yrs. Ago. My brother and I were both named as the successor trustees my brother being the 1st appointment and I the second..the law office of Scott Shield said that my brother was the trustee of the trust . For 2 1/2 yrs. I have been asking for the accounting of the trust and Becky Carragher,also known as Rebecca who is only a paralegal of the firm, Scott Shield lives in another state. She was paid 2,500.00 to provide me with an accounting that was stated in the retainer that my brother finally let me see Jan. 30 2018 she has lied to me all along telling me it would cost me 500 for the accounting then told me the house was the only thing in the trust and that's been disbursed to me which is true, but said there for there is no accounting, which is not true. After several times of telling me there was no cash in the Trust, she says to me 2 days ago after I read her what the retainer said in which she says she's going to change, but can't because it is signed by the lawyer. She says to me there's no cash in the trust is there. ? I said I don't know you tell me. This makes me feel now that she has taken money from The trust. The second time I asked for the accounting she said it would cost 1,000.00 for it. All she has been doing is avoiding it and has not sent nor talked to me about anything. When I ask her questions she's very rude now she wants my brother to bring the retainer into her. She said to me I thought you were inquiring about the taxes I said no I want an accounting of the trust, then she asks me where I got the retainer from, I said from my brother, then she says that from now on I have to go through him and says bye bye. She was just as rude as rude can be. I asked her if Scott was aware of her trying to charge for an accounting that was already paid for and she just said bye bye again and hung up. She has done nothing but break the law. I suggest that no one use this law firm where the lawyer lives in another state and Becky is a rude criminal breaking all the laws of her duties. This is the Law office of Scott M. Shields 15520 bear vally rd. Victorville ca. 92395 p.s. if you look up Scott Shields you will see that he already has a simular situation against him already.