Paul Demila the worst EX DA turns lawyer

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My son has been fighting a self Defense case from July 2015 and its now 2018.Paul Demilia took this case on and was never a fighter for my son. He charge $50,000 and was given $43,000 to date. on January 2,2018 .He call me asking for his balance in full.This case is still pending and had not been Resolved. Mr.D'emilia asked me to pay and i said to him on what terms should i pay you in full when you have not finished my son case. He then replied that he is sorry but he is shutting down his practice and be available for the next few weeks for case.He has never gotten my son a fair trial. He always come with the Negative numbers and want to forces my 19 year old to take a plea of 17 years on his life. As as a result we are now force to get a new lawyer .Mr.D'Emilia is all about money and not the care or concern of his clients.He is like a slum Lord who rips their clients off.Paul works with his wife Kendra D'Emilia who stated they are Ex-DA from Brooklyn.I find both lawyers to be the worst to represent anyone.I will never recommend neither of them as lawyers. Please to anyone who is looking for a good lawyer do not use these two ever. Paul D'Emilia and Kendra Are all about getting paid and no Justice served for their clients.As a hard worker i gave Paul money i didn't have hopping he would work hard and not ask my son to take a plea.I would like to be paid some of our money back for a breech of contract and unfinished work.