Daniel Broadbent lied in court and can prove it

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Daniel Broadbent lied about the assets in my late husband's estate. I was
Penny less and didn't think there was one. He represented my late
Husband's ex wife. He owed her child support. He sent court documents
To a old address and denise beard took over head of my late husband's estate
Without my knowledge. My wrongful death lawyer received a fax from his
Office saying denise got the head of the estate. He claims he wasn't aware of
My were abouts when his kids and I were sue in for a semi killing my husband.
Allen Bucknell of Goldberg and Osborne was my lawyer. I had to get a
Estate lawyer to fight him. To make a long story short I was ripped off
For alot of money. And Daniel Broadbent lied in court and said there
Wasn't enough money in the estate to pay back taxes. And he said there
Wasn't money and I wrote a money order out to him for 3000 a little
More that I owed because that was the only money I had. The money
Order was supposed to be made out to the estate, but I was
Told to make it out to him. In the end he told the judge there
Was only 300 dollars, and I told the judge about the money order
I made out to him. The case was dismissed! I have proof
Of everything I'm saying copies of both money orders and all
The files from Goldberg and Osborne and everything I was
In court for 2 almost 3 years Daniel Broadbent cost me alot
Of money and took advantage of the way my husband
Was killed please help me