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We hired Miss Taryn to represent us in a child custody and also child support my child is autistic he is 22 years old I left my ex-husband for years ago decided to leave the child there to finish school that was a verbal agreement between the two of us I was being physically verbally and mentally abused every day my ex is an assistant Warden and does have friends and the higher-ups AKA judges lawyers and other people involved this lawyer promise me she would help me with getting Matthew his rights back and helping us with Support also the child custody while I was in the hospital they decided to have a court hearing and I was on the phone at the time his lawyer is Robert Sandow the judges name is Andrew Decker this judge has been thrown off the seat three times in advance before this court hearing due to playing favoritism in October was when the court hearing was done I lost and was ordered 20,000 in the rear and also $700 a month to come out of my check I only make $300 a week I do respite care I take care of people with disabilities I took this job to be closer to my son and do things with my son I have always did Special Olympics doctor visits any activities that I can find to make him more social and involved in the community my ex has not had one hand and none of this I orchestrated his social security for disability and got him respite care when he was at age 6 my ex gets his social security for disability when I do have Matthew I get no money sent and I pay for clothes and haircuts and his activities for Special Olympics and the courtroom I was called an idiot stupid and many of the day live by the lawyer and the judge did not stop it or my lawyer did not stop it the day of the court hearing I asked to go ahead and do the modification because I knew that I could not afford that much money the judge had ordered us to pay $10,000 by July 28th we were able to come up with almost half and then gone and extend meant we still owe 3000 by January 28th I have a heart condition call congestive heart failure I have been in the hospital 4 times we are losing our home we are losing everything we have at this time and we are still involved in Special Olympics and involved and seeing that every other weekend that is all that we are allowed I have sent misshattan all the information to get an emergency modification done that was done 3 weeks ago I asked her to do a modification in October that wasn't even started no child custody was even started she asked me not to call her or email her anymore or we will be charged we have already paid her $5,000 in advance to help us with this problem we have going on I feel like I am the best parent for my son Matthew because I do keep involved with him on an everyday basis by calling checking in with his teacher his caregiver and driving to Jasper Florida 4 to 5 times a week to practice with him I live in Lake City Florida no I cannot afford the gas but I do it because of him I don't feel like Miss Hatton has tried hard enough with this incident if I'm wrong please tell me so. The judge has also taken away on my son's rights my son wants to live with me and has stated that my ex-husband had Lake City Police Department come into my apartment with no paperwork to get Matthew out of my pay out of my apartment no questions asked he came in took Matthew and left they were asked several times to please show me some paperwork and they never did I called my lawyer and said she couldn't do nothing about it