james ONeal misrepresented me

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I hired jim oneal in march 2017 after my wife filled for divorce in feb 2017 this was in Michigan I had no where to go so I went back to flordia.Over the months I let jim represent me since I was 1200 miles away.To find out that he wasn't representing me very good at times I thought he was her lawyer.He went in there and let her walk all over me took almost everything we had together.I had to but this car that she originally bought for me also we sold our 2000 double wide trailer and walked away with 40.000 I received 7100 he let her get every thing.We did get part of her 401k but before I received it he sends me a letter telling me he is no longer my lawyer.I have tried to get a hold of him like 12 times nothing I hae had it he is the worst lawyer I have ever had.