Attorney: Rossi moynihan Greed

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I became a client with Stovall and associates on approximately 1/2/2013, regarding a personal injury claim ( car accident ). After five years the insurance companies finally settled, during the five years three checks were received Premier paid 15,000.00 on 12/9/2013 . Stovall and associates cash the check , and proceed in paying the leans incurred , then sent me a statement of who was paid. Their were two recipients that had didn't look right so I called them to find out if they had been paid, they had not I let it go for awhile, called them back and still no check both checks totaled 3,290.00. I tried bringing it up several times, and was told they would look into it but I never got an answer. The next check was from my insurance for 7,100.02 it was cashed and no mention of it was made I only found out about it two years later from looking into my insurance account and seeing it. When I asked about it they said it was sent back , it was not. The third and final check was just resently sent , cashed , and the two that didn't get paid from the first check were paid . They offered me 13,000.00 of the 35,000.00 and had their secretary present it to me, I had to refuse it because I'm still owed an additional 10,390.00. Since then they have been unable to look into it because there just to busy. It's been three weeks now with no resolution , I don't know what to do from here, can anyone help me?