Attorney Erick Miskell Will Not Help You, beware!

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Erick called our family and assured us of his help. I stopped at his office in Ottawa and left a retainer, thats the last Time i could contact him. We tryed email, no answer, we called his office, never a return call, I fully understand a attorney who is busy and you may have to wait for a answer, but this office will never get back to you. I could see where this was going and we needed legal help so we retained another attorney and notified miskell of that. I stopped again at his office to see if any of my retainer would be refunded, i was told they would get back to me after reviewing what work was done. I waited a month, nothing, i called, well get back to you, i waited a month, nothing, i called and called, well get back to you nothing! All I waited was a receipt, something, just to see where the money went. Did I owe more? Did he owe me something back? Nothing was what we got! My son today saw him and asked about the money,ITS SPENT HE,SAYS! Im sure it was BUT NOT FOR HIS SERVICE, look elsewhere if you need legal help, BEWARE OF MISKELL LAW IN OTTAWA ILL.