Bar Complaint Against Timothy Forshey For Not Returning Clients Property.

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Arizona Attorney Timothy Forshey Strikes (out) Again: Client FYI, Upon Withdrawal, Lawyers are Required to Provide the Complete Case File and All Documents

Far too often after the withdrawal of an attorney from a case, it is the clients who find they are scrambling to locate and/or provide litigation documents required for any number of circumstances. Including after the case has been completed. In many situations this can be a major problem and always an inconvenience. When a lawyer has officially withdrawn as the attorney of record from your case, they are obligated to provide you with the complete case file and all documents. It is a standard RULE with all state bar associations. It is amazing the number of times lawyers will not abide by this basic rule, thus creating for the former clients unnecessary legal peril. This may occur out of incompetence or some form of malice being harbored by the attorney(s) – there are innumerable examples how and why this may occur, just not good or allowed ones.

Case in point, previously covered Arizona attorney Timothy Forshey is at his RULE non-compliance tactics once again. After several months had passed since the court had granted the withdrawal of attorney Timothy Forshey from a case, the former client requested some specific documents be sent via a verifiable delivery service to his address. Although it was discussed that the client may pick up the documents at the Forshey law offices directly, as he lived more than a hundred miles from Phoenix this opportunity did not occur in a timely manner. The request was made to have the documents mailed in order to expedite the completion of a transfer and avoid the unnecessary 200 plus mile roundtrip car ride. Again, the request politely occurred MONTHS after the withdrawal and it being attorney Timothy Forshey’s legal representation requirement to return said “documents.” As previously reported, the belligerent demeanor toward clients is one of attorney Timothy Forshey’s consistent attributes practiced over his entire legal career.

Attorney Timothy Forshey had responded almost immediately (7 minutes) in his denial of the reasonable request. This was followed with the client simply reiterating the request and stating there was no reason to NOT just get it done. Just common sense would dictate the advantage of complying with the request as it would only take a staff member of the law firm a few minutes to complete the task and be done with it. NOPE – did not occur. Realizing there was no legitimate option to refuse to deliver the documents, two days later a staff member of the law firm did claim the documents would be sent “USPS certified mail.” The documents were never received as promised. The State Bar of Arizona has now been notified of the situation in an effort to resolve the manner.

For the reader’s benefit, a previously retained lawyer does not get to dictate a non-compliance option when it comes to providing YOUR case files and YOUR documents. They will try to make you believe otherwise because their own over inflated egos operate under the fallacy that YOUR legal matters are THEIR CASE. It is not, they are YOUR advocate. There are RULES in which an attorney such as Timothy Forshey must adhere to in order to protect the legal interests of a former client even after he has withdrawn from a case.

Clients should not be forced to chase lawyers to simply do their duties and/or job in meeting obligations of the legal profession. Unfortunately, this just seems to occur over and over again. A bar complaint was filed against attorney Timothy Forshey due to his refusal to abide by the RULES – again. Playing a little bit of amateur psychiatry, perhaps it is the result of being in a generally adversarial occupation that is the legal profession that all interactions have a tendency to become contentious. That issue is for a different forum to muse. What is important for the readers in this space is to be alerted to the realities of the situation and what your rights are as a former client. You are entitled to your case file and ALL documents and no threats, refusals, belligerent demeanor and/or intimidation tactics should be tolerated when dealing with a former attorney and their obligation in adhering to the RULES.

The Bar Complaint Is Below..

Remember: You have choices when hiring an attorney so do your homework and look into this one carefully before considering him. If you have had a bad experience with Timothy Forshey please use our contact form and contact us.



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