Attorney Melanie Burpee wants $2500 to file a common report with clerk of court!

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Ms. Burpee worked with my late attorney, Richard Padgett, an honest, honorable man, who gave me a break on the fee for my autistic son's guardianship because we were living on my husband's disability.
When Mr. Padgett died less than 2 years ago, I was given the choice of having Ms. Burpee take over my son's case. I agreed, as I figured the office had been dealing with his case for 12 years. They filed his guardianship plan the first year after Mr. Padgett's death, however, I just received a letter stating they would no longer do so and i had 90 days to find another attorney before the papers were due to be filed.
When I called and asked why Ms. Burpee would not do it anymore, I was informed I could choose to retain her services, but she would have to charge me her new client fee of $2500.
I asked how that could be , since she had done it before. They said, technically, my son would be a new client. i said all they had to do was file the same paperwork as they have each year-6 pages and a one page doctor's form. They told me it would be like starting all over again. I insisted it wasn't, as i already had been granted plenary guardianship by the court. Mr. Padgett had done all the work. All that was necessary was making a few changes to last year's report, typing it up, signing it and submitting it. I would even type it up and pay the postage if they wanted. No, they insisted, if I wanted her to do it it, I would have to pay $2500, sorry, take it or leave it!
I have yet to find another guardianship attorney in my area who will take on my case. The papers are due Dec. 19th(I'm writing this Oct. 14th). Legal aid was appalled but said they only give advice. They only attorney they referred me to stopped doing guardianships and was going out of the country for a month. Meanwhile, the court will not accept a guardianship plan unless it is submitted by an attorney.
I feel I am being extorted by this woman to get a simple form filed! I can see perhaps $100 or even maybe $250, which i offered to pay, but to no avail.
I am praying that there is another honest attorney out there who can help me before the papers are due.