Attorney Ed Edwards took my money and did nothing!

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I hired ed Edwards on June 4, 2017 and gave him a check for $4000.00 that was cashed within a couple days. He was gonna file an immediate contempt charge against my grandsons father. He met with me and an investigator about a false allegation from my grandsons father. That was around June 20, 2017. After that me and my partner was able to get in touch with him for two months. Finally in September he called us in for a meeting and said we were going to court for the contempt on oct 3rd. He also presented us with papers that my grandsons father had filed a modification of my visitation to cancel my visitation and that was around July 7th. So months passed and mr. Edwards refused to take any suggestions on leads or witnesses that would help my case and prove the father in contempt. He did absolutely nothing for months. Finally we went to court and the fathers attorney started mudslinging false accusations against me. My attorney, mr. Edwards just sat there. I lost visitation of my grandson that I raised from birth until he was 6 with no participation from his father for the first 5yrs. No reason just false accusations from my grandsons father to cover up his drug dealing, car accidents, jail stays etc. He knew my grandson had started telling me what was going on in the home and immediately stopped visitation on his own. Mr. Edwards said this was a slam dunk case and I would see my grandson within a few weeks of our initial consultation. Mr Edwards did not even file the contempt until September which gave the father plenty time to plan a case against me. All accusations have been proven to be false, however the judge and my grandsons fathers attorney stalled and stalled for my grandsons father to her to court. I mean for a couple hours and when he got there in no condition to hear his case mr. Edwards just let them have their say and didn’t defend me. As we walked out of the courtroom he said he would need more money to continue our case but I was broke by this time and wondering what did he do for the 4000.00 I gave him. Called him and texted him continuously since and he doesn’t respond except a letter saying he understands we no longer want his services. Along the way we were gathering so much information that he said from the beginning would no only get visitation back but also get custody of my grandson back. I had people calling me and even a teacher who had information but wanted to give it to Mr. Edwards. He wouldn’t even call for simple information. We had witnesses and he never called on one to help my case. I took this baby home from the hospital and got custody and suddenly his father who signed over his parental rights comes in 5yrs later and the same judge who gave me custody now gives the father full custody with me one weekend a month visitation which the father did not follow through with. Had Mr. Edwards worked on this case like he said he would my grandson wouldn’t be suffering in a home he is miserable in not to mention how we are grieving him suddenly gone out of my life. He has been taken completely away from me and my family and this is the second attorney I hired. The first one got me visitation but she dropped the case and shows friendly comments on the fathers attorneys Facebook page now so I know she didn’t fight for me either but Mr Edwards seemed so compassionate and was ready to start on our case when we finished the initial consultation. I could go on and on but I think this is enough information to give you a picture of why I feel Mr. Edwards took my money and ran!!!!