Attorney Stephen Przeslicke MORE HARM THAN GOOD STAY AWAY.

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Steve Przeslick did nothing to help my case, Steve was very disorganized and always came to court unprepared.

Steve did not do much for my case. Steve was disorganized,Steve was ineffective,Steve misled me, Steve lied to the court. If you have choices I would explore way beyond this lawyer.

Lots of other complaints out there. SAVE THE GRIEF AND YOUR MONEY

  • 1.0/5.0Submitted on 11/16 in Family Law

    • 1.0/5.0Submitted on 11/16/13 in Family Law

      I absolutely would not recommend Steve Przeslicke to anyone. His law practice capabilities are sorely lacking. I won a court order judgment that gave me full control of all the marital properties that needed to be sold. Przeslicke could not enforce this order. This literally cost me thousands and thousands of dollars in lost equity in all properties. All the while the legal fees were mounting. I believe that Przeslicke had his own personal agenda to rack up the legal fees.

  • 1.0/5.0Submitted on 06/19 in Family Law

    Steve did not keep me informed in my case. Steve was very disorganized, Steve was not attentive to my case,Steve lied to me, Steve had lied to the court. When confronted about these issues he will simply try to withdraw. Steve has major ethic issues and would not ever recommend him to anyone.