Attorney Paul Draper Esq. Overwhelmed!!!!

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I have a client who is overseer of an estate. There is a home that the overseer would like to sale. The estate is represented by Paul Draper Esquire located in Baltimore Maryland. The client listed the house for sale a buyer offered to buy the home at a price the client agreed on. Once the contract was ratified I submitted it to Attorney Paul E. Draper, Esq on 08/24/2018. So in 60 days I have emailed Mr. Draper 16 times and called and left messages on voicemail when it wasn't full 18 times. I've spoken with him 3 times the first time to discuss property the 2nd time to let him know that there was a deadline on contract and the 3rd time because I called from friend phone and he answered stated that he had family emergencies. This is unprofessional and disrespectful. He does not have an assistant or secretary. Clearly he's overwhelmed and not organized. Please research future attorneys before using their services. This home has been sitting for 4 years you would think that he would want to get this estate cleared and off his desk.