Attorney Julio A Padilla Ripped me off!!!

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To Whom it may concern,
I Joaquin Castillero am filing a complaint on Julio A. Padilla Esq for SERVICES NOT RENDERED. On March
25th 2017 I hired Julio A. Padilla, Esq to represent me on a legal status immigration case. I paid Mr.
Padilla $2000.00 USD for services that included
1. Visiting Miramar office of Ice and asking for a continuance for Interview
2. Filing for a Bond Hearing in Krome and attending the Bond Hearing
3. Representation at the First Master Calendar Hearing
Mr. Padilla has failed to ably and represent me and provide me with the services as stated on the Retainer
Contractual Agreement. I have tried various times to get in contact with Mr. Padilla to resolve this matter but
have not been successful. I have called his office and left numerous messages with his assistant to please
return my phone calls and he has yet to do so. I have also have tried to reach him by cell phone and left
several voice messages and still have not been able to reach him. Mr. Padilla nor anyone at his firm has yet to
return 1 single phone call of mine to resolve this matter. I feel like I have been cheated and lied to out of my
hard earn money from Mr. Padilla and for his failed and vague attempts to represent and help me with my
case. At this point I have done all that I can to resolve this matter with 0% of successfully doing so. I do not
wish for Mr. Padilla nor anyone at his firm to represent me on this case any further due to the fact of NO
SERVICES RENDERED for $2000.00 USD I paid him to lawfully represent me in my case. I would like to
receive a full refund of my $2000.00 USD paid to Mr. Padilla for NO SERVICES RENDERED I also would like
for some type of disciplinary action to be taken against Mr. Padilla Esq for his unlawful practice of not
representing me as his client to a full degree.
Below I have also attached copies of the Retainer Contractual Agreement signed by myself and Mr. Padilla,
Joaquin Castillero