The entire case was a fraud, they are trying to ruin my life over a fraud claim of domestic violence

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To the court of SURPRISE, ARIZONA
I am filing a motion for post conviction relief. I have not been allowed to defend myself against these bogus charges and I am begging the court to consider this motion. It is in the interest of justice that I be allowed to respond to the allegations against me. I did not get a fair trial due to my attorney being in the last stages of her pregnancy. Although her argument was good on my behalf she did not present my evidence or call my witness or myself to the stand. This decision gave false credibility to the states witness as nothing was shown to prove otherwise and led to my conviction of false allegations.
Mrs Collins then took my claim of ineffective counsel as a personal attack on her character and told me over the phone she was going to go against me in my appeal. With the help of my newly appointed attorney mrs bastien my appeal was sabotaged and I was not given the chance to appeal or post conviction relief.
I was never told I was supposed to buy the transcript of the trial. I was left out of her decisions on my behalf and being that I carry a business phone at all times I am very easy to reach. She easily contacted me minutes after my appeal was denied. I have never met either of these ladies before this trial and they should have no reason to treat me in the manner I was treated. Mrs bastien recommended to the courts that my appeal be denied. That is not defending me in any way, shape, or form.
Now my 3rd lawyer says that there is no option for justice in my case. I have read up and feel my case is exactly what post conviction relief was intended for. I am not a lawyer but I have been trying to fight these charges from day 1 and will continue to fight until there is justice. The weight of the evidence in trial did not reflect a conviction. The only evidence present was picture of broken jars and a testimony from a criminal with no credibility.
The prosecutor states in the closing argument that Jeanie Mitchell wrote the letter submitted in order to get financial gain from me. Lying to get financial gain does not prove her to be credible, he also misquotes statements from the police officer regaurding my statements and he also claims that the letter was my side of story when in fact I brought it in to show how many times she changed her story. His case against me is a fraud. His statements in trial were not based on fact and he was not perusing justice in his prosecution. He was only concerned with charging me without doing any investigation into the case. This is a gross miscarriage of justice. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!
I am attaching a folder with just a portion of the details of what was going on at my house on the night in question. If the courts would allow me the chance to explain my side of the story you will soon agree with me that I am the victim in this case and Jeanie Mitchell is the one who committed a crime against me.

Here are some simple facts about the 2 parties involved:
Steve Moose
1. Is very motivated with good work history
2. Is loved and respected by hundreds of people all over the valley
3. Was in the process of getting my license to start my company
4. Is a problem solver with a level head, well known as such
5. Worked 12-13 hour days and was always in a good mood. Nothing less than 5 star reviews and hundreds of 5 star reviews
6. Has friends and customers that work in law enforcement
7. Raised his son steven moose jr. all by himself and started a business to provide a future

Jeanie Mitchell:
1. Was recently hospitalized for mental health
2. Was withdrawling from heroin due to me taking her out of the city to help her
3. Was convicted of a felony for a crime committed not long before this trial
4. She did not say the same story twice. In fact at least 3 different versions of her fictitious story
5. She admits she was in possession of those broken jars
6. The inconsistencies in her story are very obvious and the verdict in my case are contrary to the weight of the evidence.
7. Just lost custody of her 3 kids in 3 courts who found Jeanie Mitchell to be a drug addict who was not honest with them and not fit raise her children.
8. Admitting that she lied in a letter to trick someone for financial gain is in no way showing that you are an honest person
9. Told the cops that I anally raped her, assaulted her, threatened her, and fled the scene drunk
10. her very first story in trial was - she argued with my son, I came home to try and help, I tried to help and when I couldn’t I chased her thru the house and left.
11. This is not what happened BUT EVEN IF IT WAS SHE FORGOT TO MENTION WHEN I STARTED DRINKING, never mentioned the alledged rape, admitted that she was the one angry for being told to leave.

Your honor miss Mitchell would have you believe that I disturbed her peace on june 3 2016. She would have you believe that I abused her physically, mentally, and sexually. I can prove to you very easily that this is not what happened. In fact she knew that I was overwhelmed with starting a new business and put these charges on me out of spite because I told her she was no longer welcome at my house. She had threatened my business prior to june 3rd and after. She used this case to blackmail me into giving her money. She told me on june 3rd before I left the house that if I made her move out she would ruin me and Moose Pest Control. I had no clue what she meant. I lost everything I had due to the pressure of these charges. My focus and drive that I had going is been overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. My story has been the same since day one and now just as I said last year, my business has suffered. I am humbily asking the court to consider my evidence and relieve me of these bogus claims. Mrs Mitchell is a criminal and her story is not credible
It is a fact that I never even touched the jars that were broken at my house that night. Jeanie tells the court she was the one in possession of the jars. She was making lights and attaching them to my wall supposedly, but states more than once she was moving out for 3 days. It is a fact that my finger prints were not on the broken glass or jars at all. Jeanie broke the glass before calling the police to fabricate the scene of a crime. It is also a fact that I have not been shown the pictures that were posted as evidence. If I had been shown the pictures I would pay attention to the nature of the broken glass and if the forensics add up to me throwing individual jars, one at a time, in the direction of the door while the door was being open and closed as her testimony to the court would have you believe. I haven’t seen the pictures but im guessing basic forensics of the glass would tell a different story. Also the absents of my finger prints could easily show that I never even touched the glass that was broken at my house. Jeanie was left at my house with 2 friends that taunted my son for 6 hours as they robbed my house the night I was taken to jail.
I was not home when the jars where broke, In her testimony she gets all the way to the part that im driving off and never mentions any jars or broken glass.
She only mentions the jars after being reminded of them. She admits to only being at the house for 20 days after telling the police she moved in months prior as my fiance’ when I moved in.
She claims I took all of her paychecks but also claims she was stuck out on my property for weeks without transportation. This is physically impossible in a 20 day period If she was busy making “checks” for me to demand from her.
She states that I took every bit of her money and says “all of it, every bit of it” then when asked where the lights came from “ I still had money left from my check”.
She claims the jars were in the trash and I have photos of where the jars were stored.
She claims in her testimony that I stayed calm thru this argumenmt until the last bit and I suddenly attacked her and drove off.
She claims I used the force to break thru the door to get her but she has no injuries, not even a scratch. This is a bogus allegation and a vicious attack on my livelihood.
She intentionally sabotaged my success. The crime commited here was against a hard working, single father, that was starting up a business and was doing very well.
There are hundreds of reviews online for anyone to see that are from people I have met and done business with.
I have never had less than a 5 star review except the one Jeanie Mitchell put on my facebook business page
I am asking the court to please consider the evidence and relieve me of these charges so I can move on with my life. The damage I am suffering mentally, physically, and financially is overwhelming and is not in the interest of justice. The prosecutor had the burden to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I commited a crime and clearly he did not meet that burden.