Sister sludge with grudge

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In a conspiracy, a promise of relocating to be taken care of was bragged on by the hired help then, it's. taken all this time to be able to prove. Anyway here it is, all starting before Christmas of 1991 when conspired against. Arrested Christmas day for D.U.i. and assault on officer, setting on my chest with his knees on my arms then arriving officer wrote in police report he witnessed me kicking and hitting officer setting on my chest. Went with the flow for boys in blue, had at the time more money than time being in merchant gone 8 mo. a yr. Attorney wanted $5,000 up front to take case, with NOTHING on my record, i plead to charge so i wouldn't need to deal with anymore. Has come back to haunt me when charged for 2nd. assault without lifting finger, was made to post bail and sent to Gila bend to court only to be told to go back to Buckeye to have dismissed when showing up in court with ailing parents, was asked who i had with me , when telling them i had parents, they said they're dropping charges. When assaulted 3 x 3 different hospitals & city's No one charged but person assaulted charged twice without lifting a finger. Judge asked when i was released from prison knowing other wise then made to post bail or set in jail. So with one conspiring against me, the other two followed, my social security attorney gave all my back pay of disability of over $80,000 to judge who started this whole thing of conspiring, is not the first or second used against me but ex wife the anglers 3rd. was bragged on by the hired help night promise made before Christmas 91. So then i said lets see where this one goes and now after all the years of trying to figure out how to prove, when it came to me 3rd. assault hit nail on head should be enough said, I WILL PROVE WRONG DOING of the TAINTED. Brain surgery from attacks. Need put on the map app. 4 S.A.P.s.