I had a kangaroo trial

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My lawyers were working for my abusive husband,benefits committing perjury, forgery, conspiracy , bankruptcy ruse .Judge allowed Tom Ainsworth,who is left with our estate in defendants will, conflict of interest to testify falsely at my trial costing me millions of dollars in a settlement because I wouldn’t shut up about fraud going on in my 3yr divorce. I reported five lawyers and four judges for fraud and misrepresenting me.my lawyer Wendy Starkey emailed me before my trial ,the defendant promises not to give me a settlement.My first lawyer, Gene Libby wrote in my divorce complaint days after I first saw him, Dec 2012 that the defendant was the only one interested in our real estate unknown to me until 2015, he wrote an order giving the defendant full control of our estate and assets with my signature forged on it and sued me for for his $45,000 bill.2nd lawyer Dana Prescott wanted me to stop talking about the fraud or he wouldn’t represent me after he receive retainer of $20,000 and refused to take the defendant to court for contempt letting me live below poverty level. The Overseersof Bar said it wasn’t his responsibility to get me my court ordered support.judge refused me to speak