Bar Complaint Kits

barcomplaint kit

Don’t Let Lawyers Get Away With It … Chances Are They Will Do It Again.


Help put an end to bad lawyers from taking advantage.  Don’t let an Attorney’s unprofessional or illegal actions go unpunished.  Filing a complaint is not just your Right as a citizen, but it is also a responsibility.  Unfortunately, that is sometimes easier said than done.  Navigating the procedures of the Bar Association to take action against a lawyer is not always simple.  The process of filing an effective complaint can be tricky — unless you have a secret weapon — The experts that developed the Bar Complaint Kits.

The purpose of a lawyer discipline case is to protect the interests of the public-at-large. It is not a substitute for bringing criminal charges against a lawyer or a civil action against a lawyer to collect damages or get money returned. If you believe that a lawyer has committed a crime, you should contact your county prosecutor in addition to filing a grievance. Be aware, however, that prosecutors have discretion over what cases to file. If you believe you are entitled to the return of fees paid or money damages, you should promptly seek advice of your own legal counsel.



You Need Experts on Your Side … 

We thoroughly executed the correct documents, forms and methods to file professional, compelling bar complaints.  Each kit was carefully examined by industry professionals to ensure they meet or exceed the standards of the Bar Association of each U.S. state.  Don’t take the chance that yet another Lawyer gets away with dishonest, unfair or illegal behavior.  Without the support of the Bar Complaint Kit, it may be likely that your complaint will go unreported or get buried in the “red tape” of the Bar Association.  Remember, you only get one chance to even the score and get satisfaction – Get your Bar Complaint kit — and Get Started.