South Florida Attorney Stuart Jared Starr Disciplined with 90-day suspension by State Supreme Court

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This is outrageous. The jurist on the FL Supreme Court should all be fired for dereliction if duty. Attorney Starr receives a meaningless 90-day suspension - WTH. He engaged in practicing law in three states he was not licensed. He charged dozens of clients charging $THOUSANDS and did absolutely nothing as promised That is nothing short of criminal FRAUD - 90-days suspension is ridiculous.

South Florida Attorney Stuart Jared Starr Disciplined with 90-day suspension by State Supreme Court

In one case, an attorney offering help with mortgage modifications was the target of dozens of Federal Trade Commission complaints.


An attorney accused of involvement in a nationwide loan modification business that did little for consumers has been disciplined by the Florida Supreme Court along with another Broward County attorney in a separate case.

Stuart Jared Starr of Plantation was suspended for 90 days for failing to follow through on a mortgage modification sought by a client. The Federal Trade Commission received more than 55 complaints about his loan modification offerings within four years.

Starr, an attorney since 1970, was disciplined for his work with the Starr Law Group in Pompano Beach, which started in 2011. The bar received complaints from real estate owners in Tampa and Denver in 2013 and Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, in 2013 about their dealings with Starr.

He violated the federal Mortgage Assistance Relief Services rule by charging upfront fees, the bar complaint said.

The Tampa client said most of his contact in Starr’s group was with nonlawyers, and he had to send his files three times. When nothing was done, the client wrote to terminate Starr Law Group’s services, and he was told he violated the retainer agreement by failing to pay legal fees and provide documentation.

Nothing was submitted by Starr to the lender, but he kept billing the client for services. The client ended up losing his property to foreclosure.

Starr was not licensed to practice law in Colorado or Pennsylvania but took on clients in those states, the complaint said.

In the disciplinary case, the Florida Bar said a client paid a $2,400 nonrefundable retainer fee to pursue the loan modification, but Starr transferred funds out of the client’s bank account without permission and never submitted the loan modification to the mortgage lender.

Source: Daily Business Report