Louisiana Attorney Debra Lomax Cassibry Facing Disbarment, Mortgagor Rhymes With Poor

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Attorney Cassibry has a long history of defrauding clients, both as a lawyer and a mortgage broker. Louisiana finally got around to addressing the ongoing issue. 

Louisiana Attorney Debra Lomax Cassibry Facing Disbarment, Mortgagor Rhymes With Poor

The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board has proposed the permanent disbarment of a convicted attorney 

In addition to being a licensed Louisiana lawyer, Respondent held a license as a mortgage originator and was a principal of Metropolitan Mutual Mortgage, Inc. (“MMM”), a mortgage company licensed as a mortgage broker by the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions (“OFI”). The most serious misconduct for which Respondent was charged arose out of her handling of real estate transactions. In connection with three such matters, she was charged with felony theft. As part of a plea agreement with the Office of the District Attorney for East Baton Rouge Parish, she entered a guilty plea on May 19, 2015, in one of those matters in the Nineteenth Judicial District Court for the Parish of East Baton Rouge. Other charges of misconduct relate to events which led to the revocation of her mortgage originator’s and MMM’s mortgage broker’s licenses by the OFI in 2003 and included her failure to make restitution to several individuals. She was further charged with filing frivolous pleadings in federal court, failing to comply with court orders, failing to act with diligence and communicate with clients, engaging in the unauthorized practice of law after she was placed on interim suspension, among other charges. 

The Hearing Committee and Board sustained the charges

Respondent’s conduct clearly demonstrates her disregard for her clients, her duties as an attorney and the authority of the courts of this state. In order to protect the public and maintain the high standards of the legal profession, the Board finds that Respondent should not be allowed the opportunity to return to the practice of law in the future. Accordingly, the Board  recommends permanent disbarment.

Source: Professional Legal Blog